What’s in my cart :: Target redux

Ah, good ol’ Tar-jay!  You succeed every time in sucking me into your vortex of consumerism!

This week’s offering, my friends, was borne of a desire to get that tempting “free ship with a minimum order of $50”.  All I really wanted were the pink wedges, but even when I put two different colors in my cart, they still didn’t add up.  So I had to jump back in and delve into Target’s bottomless coffers of wardrobe goodness.

Thank goodness there were slim pickings.  And I’m more than likely returning the tops because they’ll probably fit funny.  But before I pull the trigger on the checkout button, how’s about a last look at my choices?

1.  I like this top because of the interesting print and neckline.  I also like the cunning reverse pleat in the front.  But is it worth $17.99?

2.  Again with the neckline.  I also added this because I’ve been enamored of pink lately and I don’t have enough in my closet.  But the price tag of $19.99 is steep for a tank, no?

3.  This dress!  Oh, how I love this dress!  And I need a white summer frock.  But should I just let the yellow one be it’s own unique thing in my closet?  Do i need another, even if it’s a different color?  Or will I regret not buying it down the road?  Argh!  Conflicted!

4.  So I started looking for a pair of flirty pink sandals and stumbled on these.  I have the black version in my saved items list – have had it for so long – but chose to try these because a. in need of pink and b. it’s on sale at $23.99.

5.  Although the coral above is more vibrant, this one won me over because the heel is pink too, not just the vamp.  But I wonder at its pastel-ness.  I’m torn because both iterations have their pros and cons.  Help me out?

6.  Does it scream “street walker”?

7.  Yeah, yeah.  It’s a trend.  This, too, shall pass, right?  But who knew Target carried Sam and Libby?  And don’t they look like they’d go with tons of stuff?  At $34.99, though, I may just pass.

And there you have it, my friends.  This month’s Target options.  Please feel free to chime in with your two cents’.  You know you wanna…

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8 thoughts on “What’s in my cart :: Target redux

  1. jenortega says:

    I love number 4!

  2. Del says:

    If you really need a pink wedge, go for #4. I don’t like the all pink wedge! No to everything else except #1 & 3. BUT, is the white dress lined? Looks sheer. And the armholes on #1 look wide.

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