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What’s in my head :: full throttle to 100

Initially, I was gonna go all anal on this Daily Post thing and attempt to respond to each prompt on the day I receive it.

However, this question lent itself so serendipitously to the upcoming week that I decided to forgo answering it until today.

So.  My goals.  And have I reached them?

Well, as some of my loyal readers know, this venture began thusly.  But a little-known yet concurrent reason was that I simply needed a repository for the iPhone photos I was taking to assuage my then-pregnant sister’s wish to live vicariously through me and my outfits.

But I really had no set goals.  No desire to monetize; no interest in publicizing; no burning urge to make an impact.

So how does one attain a sense of achievement if one had no initial plan?  Well, one makes lists.  And here’s mine.

In the measly three months that I’ve “been in the biz”:

  1. I have gained 50+ followers, only a dozen of whom are friends and family.  The rest are legit strangers who’ve honored me with a “follow” without having known me previously.
  2. I have expanded my intent to include regular feature articles:  What’s in my cart; HGB; What’s in my head.  Somehow, the fact that I have a reason to post every day (and not just on weekdays) makes this blogging thing a lot more significant.  It’s got gravitas now, if you know what I mean.
  3. I have slowly but surely overcome my fear of the camera.  The yearbook staff can attest to this irrational fear I’ve held on to for the past ten years; there is no photo of me in any past yearbooks and they’ve all been warned on pain of emotional dismemberment not to snap any pictures of me.  I still subconsciously shy away from a random lens, but I’m a lot less averse.  As long as I have final approval of all pictures, of course.
  4. I have consistently written content for 95 entries, even during times when I’ve been too busy/tired/disinterested/angry/hungry.  And since I used to have the nickname Ningas kugon, this is a Very Big Deal in my world.
  5. I have made some amazing connections with fellow style bloggers who have honored me with their comments, feedback and general encouragement.  I thought it would be such a cutthroat community; that I would have to compete in a daily pissing contest of incorporating trends and would be judged if I fell short.  Instead, my fellow fashionistas have been nothing but supportive of my humble offering and I am eternally grateful to them.

And now, we’re coming up on a milestone.  This Friday will mark my 100th post on this blog.  That’s a century, my friends.  A centennial.  An epoch, even.  And that is certainly enough cause for celebration.  But what is even more important is the fact that I’m still going strong; I still have loads to say.  I don’t foresee myself ending this escapade anytime soon.

Now, I can’t promise that I won’t morph into something else.  By the next 100 posts, I might be an entirely different beast.

Or I might not.  There’s no predicting the future after all.  Which is the problem with goals, yeah?  Too much expectation and usually not enough payout.  So I say NO! to goals.  I don’t need no stinkin’ goals.  I’m just gonna take the blogging one day at a time, enjoying the journey.

I hope you keep me company along the way.

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