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Week 15 :: of selflessness, feeling gutted and the American Classic

It’s no secret that I plan my outfits days in advance.

What may not be as apparent is that I like to write copy in advance as well.  Sometimes, on a good day when I’ve got my writing mojo going and the kids are busy being kids outdoors, I can knock off the entire week’s worth of text in one sitting.

Doing this allows me to take my pics, create my collages, upload them, and pop them into my posts, all before I even start my work day and all without having to worry about crafting clever witticism to accompany them.  For all you PST folk, that means you get your daily dose of MCC right at 8:30am without fail.

Now although there is something to be said about such consistency, sometimes life just gets the better of me.  Take right now.  It’s my birthday but I’m writing this for tomorrow’s post.  Unfortunately, I’m gutted.

Not only did I give up my sleep-in time to get to Stater Bros. to beat the Memorial Day rush, I also managed to buy Aly’s bed frame, buy Aly’s new bedding, buy Aly’s new Cubeicals, assemble Aly’s new Cubeicals, cook the sides for our holiday BBQ, run two loads of wash and knit Aly’s American Girl doll a new dress.

I’m sensing an Aly theme here, aren’t I?  Ah, motherhood!  How you’ve changed selfish, little ol’ me.  To think I used to make my hubby celebrate my birthday month!

Anyhow, I really can’t dredge up much energy to talk about this ensemble, so I’m just gonna quote the guide once again and hope the pictures do it justice.

Presenting the American Classic:

Icon Tuesday

The most timeless – and certainly the most trendproof – of looks, American Classic is one that gets right at the heart of our collective fixation on the northeastern-elite lifestyle – a fascination that has held sway since we encountered Fitzgerald’s Daisy Buchanan.  Today, that means something that’s equal parts equestrian, Ivy League, and Jackie O-ladylike, but with a bit of urban knowingness thrown in as well.

Icon Tuesday

Think for a moment of Lauren Hutton in the early ’70s: tawny, flawless and ruthlessly sexy in a white blouse, navy blazer, and khakis.  As Hutton so aptly illustrated, the look can be menswear-inspired without being unfeminine.

Icon Tuesday

The Essential Pieces incorporated in my interpretation are the two-button beige blazer, white button-down, narrow-fit tweed skirt (although mine happens to be plaid), and equestrian boots.  Throw in pearl studs and what promises to be my signature chunky gold watch and I think I’ve hit the right notes in capturing this iconic look.  I always did say I belonged more on the East Coast than the West.

And you, my friends?  Do you have American Classic pieces in your closet?  Would you wear them together or is it just too preppy and prim for you?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – L.L. Bean
Skirt – Merona @ Target
Blazer – Merona @ Target
Boots – Audrey Brooke

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