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What’s in my head :: Yale – 2nd weekend

Big day today.  Arrival Day.

Finally, the kids come and we can get down to business.

I’ve pulled airport duty which means I’m leaving in fifteen minutes to Bradley.  I will sit in baggage claim and corral teenagers as they come in, helping them gather luggage then attempting to keep them relatively quiet and entertained while we wait for enough folks to fill a bus.

Rinse and repeat.

The bus holds 20 people and we’re expecting 100+ campers so you do the math.  It makes for a very long and potentially taxing day.  The bad news?  I thought I took this job to have a break from corralling and entertaining teenagers.  The good news?  I don’t have to lift anything.  It’s a testament to the type and amount of work tasked of me these past days that I consider not lifting anything good news.  Eheh.

As I mentally prep myself for today, how about a few random thoughts:

  • I’m beginning to get the lay of the land and can more easily navigate to and from important places like The Noodle House, Walgreens and Anchor.
  • My personal room AC is a godsend at the end of a sticky, sweaty day.
  • Communal showers ain’t that bad when you like your suite mates.
  • I have gotten used to the motorcycles at night.  Crazy!
  • Aly was right; people like me.

the girls

Wish me luck, my friends.  It’s gonna be an exhausting but amazing day!


What I bought :: June 2013

1 – Yesterday was the beach trip and I opted out for some much-needed nap time.  So I think I’ll keep the tags on this bad boy and try to return it for credit at Ross when I get home.

2 – Jason Wu wheel dress off eBay.  Paid a little less than retail and it’s a very telling reminder not to get sucked into other bloggers’ posts.  It’s cute and all but I could’ve done without spending what I did on it.

3 – Jovovich Hawke dress off eBay.  This one I was happy to find once again.  I’ve bought and given this dress up at least twice and I’m hoping three times’ the charm.  A telling reminder not to give anything up if it can be worked into your style persona multiple ways.

4 – Jason Wu houndstooth miniskirt off eBay – Can we say twice a sucker?  But this skirt really is adorbs and once winter hits and I can tights it up, it’ll be presentable for work and a wonderful addition to my fall wardrobe because houndstooth.

Here begins my Target haul in New Haven. 

After the second day and seeing the woeful state of my closet and after feeling the grossness that is humidity, I hopped on that train bound for Target as soon as it was offered.  Spent an embarrassing amount of money but am confident I can now happily survive the rest of my trip well-equipped.  I did try to purchase things that went with my cobalt/orange/white palette so these pieces would seamlessly integrate themselves with the others.

5 – Mossimo Suply Co. floral skirt – This skirt is a bit see-through but I fell in love with the print, so…eheh.

6 – Mossimo Supply Co. chevron skirt – I knew I should’ve packed my chevron maxi.  Was totally jonesing for chevron, so this number was a no-brainer purchase since it was short and breezy.

7 – Mossimo Supply Co. skirt – A fun, flippy staple that I would’ve bought in multiple colors had I not practiced restraint and remembered that these would be too short for work and therefore aren’t worth the investment.

8 – Mossimo Supply Co. graphic tee – After hemming and hawing about looking too California, what do I buy?  Surf shirts, of course.  In my defense, the New Haven Tarjay is pretty slim pickings and I had to circle the women’s department three times for weather-appropriate gear.  These tees were the only option.

9 – Mossimo Supply Co. graphic tee – See above comment.  Not in my palette, I know, but they didn’t have much selection in my size, so yeah.

10 – Mossimo Supply Co. graphic tee – Pineapples, anyone?

11 – Mossimo Supply Co. v-neck tee – I actually bought three of these – the other two are heathered blue and red – but I couldn’t find a link for them.  They’re basic but necessary since it’s so difficult to find good tees that fit my frame.

12 – Merona pintuck tank in Xavier Navy – A last-minute decision when I saw how cute it looked with the cobalt skirt and hopefully my answer to getting over arm wattle issues.

13 – Merona tailored ankle pant in Skyline Grey – KS#2 raved about these and they were sold out back home and online so when I saw them, I had to snap them up.  Again, not in my palette, but sold out.  Had to have them, but may return them when I get back and hold them up against my other trousers.

Thus ends my New Haven Tarjay excursion.

14 – Twill skinny pants @ F21 – Because we all need navy pants and I actually hadn’t purchased a pair during my colored jeans frenzy.

All in all, barring the eBay splurges, I think I made wise decisions.  I’m not at work 24-7 after all and summer just begs for easy-breezy, disposable clothing.  In a way, it’s a good thing the Target had limited selection; I thus wasn’t tempted to buy things that would have been unnecessary to my summer needs and/or superfluous to my closet back home.

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Week 19 :: of better days and badass-ness

The highlight of my day yesterday was willingly getting in front of the camera.

Video camera, even.

I contributed one line to the CO video that is being viewed by over 100 other staff members.  I will be large and in charge on a screen.  I was hot and sweaty and probably had raccoon eyes from my non-waterproof mascara.

And I didn’t even blink twice.

It is a testament to the infectious spirit of this place that not only did I agree to something I have yet to do in “the real world”, I also didn’t flinch – internally or otherwise – when I got my mythical lanyard and saw the results of the mug shot.


Because although it makes me look like this guy, it also makes me look really happy.  And, considering the harrowing day I had yesterday, that’s saying something.

I think it has a lot to do with being Maricel.  Not Mom. Or Babe. Or Mrs. Edwards.


I’d forgotten what she was like, but now that we’ve rediscovered each other, I’m realizing she’s goddamned brilliant.  She takes charge.  She gets shit done.  She walks fearlessly to a 24-hour deli at night by herself in a strange city.  She attempts to install air conditioning units.  She chats up random people at the dining hall without waiting to be approached.  She does dead lifts from that:

office door

She eats fish and tofu, drinks an obscene amount of water, and has avoided the free-for-all dessert bar since she’s been here.  She goes to bed at 1am and still manages to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6am to scarf down a serious protein breakfast while people half her age yawn their way to the cereal.  She’s kinda badass.

7x7 remix week

Unfortunately, her badass-ness doesn’t extend to finding a laundry room.  Okay, I know where the laundry room is; I just don’t want to use it because it’s in the basement of the boys’ dorms and really, do I need to say more?  I’m either going to wait for my weekend off and do laundry at KS#1’s place or buy more clothes.

7x7 remix week

I’m also going to finish off 7×7 remix with this outfit.  Had I been home, where I never sweat and/or I have unlimited access to a washer and dryer, I’d pursue it to the bitter end.  But since neither of those things are a-happening right now, and since I don’t do outfit posts on the weekends anyway, let’s just call this baby done.  Hope you enjoyed my living like an impoverished college student on a meager wardrobe.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Jeans – Rewind @ Kohl’s

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Week 19 :: of retrospect, heavy lifting, and 24-hour gourmet food

It was the most heinous day.

Why am I still up?

It’s 1am in the morning.  I’ve been up since 6am yesterday.  I had naught all to eat except a hasty oatmeal breakfast, some fish for lunch and an even hastier sandwich smuggled out of the Commons for dinner.  I’ve lugged over fifty-plus plastic bins up stairs in the sweltering, humid 92 degree heat, half of them filled with magazines, glass jars or textbooks (Yes, I remembered to lift with my legs and have earned the well-deserved moniker “Buns and Thighs”).  I sweated so much, rivulets of tinted moisturizer were trailing down my face and I actually smelled for the first time in my life.  I got a break when I was pegged to chauffeur instructors and said plastic bins all around Yale in an air conditioned car (why are New Haven stoplights so frikkin’ long?) but then had to turn around and do 30-minute advisory meetings with half of my designated instructors.  Only one of them was a returner and thus super confident; the rest were nervous at best and needed much encouragement and hand-holding or clueless at worst which meant re-writing lesson plans at the last minute.

I couldn’t even sustain a FaceTime call with the fam because my internet kept cutting out and I was both hot and hungry so the hubs cut it short before I lost it in front of the kids.

But then I leave the CO (Curriculum Office) and my buddy from the MO (Main Office) tells me that he has installed the portable ac in my room.  I am so verklempt, I almost burst into tears in front of my supervisor.  She in turn points me in the direction of a 24-hour deli – Gourmet Heaven – where I can load up a take out tin and pay by the pound.  Imagine Yogurtland, only for food.  I get the most amazing pork fried rice, teriyaki chicken, lo mein, caprese salad, slaw, and sesame seed salad.  I don’t get lost walking home.  I get a text from my CO buddies and we go out to vent about the cluster of a day it’s been, commiserating over Miller High Life, Rolling Rock and Bud.  The bartender is the sweetest, gruffest man you’ll ever meet this side of the Mississippi.  I felt like a character out of Cheers.

It’s been the most rewarding day.

Yes, my friends, I think I drank the Kool-Aid.  Just a little bit.

Here’s hoping tomorrow/today is a less taxing day, though.  I don’t think my 40-year-old body can take much more abuse.  And I think I need to find a laundry room soon.  This is the last top in my 7×7 remix inventory and I don’t know if I want to re-wear the others before they get a thorough cleansing.

I do appreciate how the necklace both complements the orange of the top and draws attention away from the rather distinctive skirt that I’ve already worn once this week but which will hopefully be forgiven or forgotten by my colleagues.


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Skirt – Banana Republic
Necklace – gift

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