Week 16 :: of blue fixations, circles and eBay

I must have blue on the brain.

It started with my blue fingernails (Have you all noticed that I’m regularly painting them now, even after I swore I wouldn’t get sucked in?  Curse you, KS#1!) which I’d done deliberately in a lovely cobalt shade for Doctor Who week.

Even with the postponement of said week, though, my subconscious must’ve remained fixated because – and trust me on this – all my planned outfits, regardless of origin, have some element of blue in them.

Take today’s offering from that insidious of places, eBay:

Fave Stores

It’s subtle, I grant you that, but there’s no mistaking the cerulean circles peeking out slyly from amidst their neutral brethren.  And yes, I am deliberately obfuscating you with grandiose verbiage in order to avoid discussing the unfortunate shape of this dress.  You would think it’d work since it’s got shift-like traits.  We all know how much I adore the silhouette of a shift.

And I swear it was much cuter on the model.  Then again, the model was this itty bitty thing from China and she had no hips or bosom to speak of.  That should’ve been an indication, but I was too mesmerized by the circles – Polka dots!  Only grown up! – to remember that I am not a stick.  Those circles, coupled with the always-inexpensive overseas eBay price tag, ensured the purchase but didn’t necessarily ensure the wearability of this piece.

Fave Store

Let this be a lesson to all you eBay purchasers: don’t be seduced by the deceptively low prices.  Even if a dress cost $10 – yup, that’s how much I paid for it – it’s not a good deal if you never wear it, right?

So again, a big shout out to Selah, who inadvertently forced me to find same-store items.  If not for this week’s theme, this dress would have moldered in the depths of my closet unworn until the next purge when I would’ve regretfully given it up, consoling myself that it was only $10 anyway.

As it is, I knew I wanted to showcase eBay for this week since I do shop it often, but I didn’t realize how few actual clothes I’ve bought; I do more shoes and accessories here.  So I am cheating a bit with the coordinating (and arm-camouflaging) cardi from Forever 21, but the dress and the Seychelles sandals are definite eBay steals.

Fave Stores

So what do you think, my friends?  Is this dress salvageable?  Or should I just give it away after today?

Fave Stores

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress and shoes – eBay
Cardi – F21

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10 thoughts on “Week 16 :: of blue fixations, circles and eBay

  1. Great outfit! Looks excellent on you, everything. Don’t see a problem. Maybe great photography too?

  2. Selah says:

    I don’t think the dress looks bad on you at all. Maybe try a belt with it, just to highlight your curves. BTW, I bought a blue & white floral tank today. Yesterday’s post made me want something blue & white, and when I saw a pretty tank, marked down to $3, I snagged it!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ahahaha! I did try a belt with this but then it got too short and became a tunic. Tried it with a pair of cobalt skinnies then and sorta liked it but knew it was gonna be hot again today. Perhaps I shall keep it, knowing it works as a dual piece of clothing.

    • mtsedwards says:

      P.S. A $3 tank?! That’s cute?! Girl, you need to tell me where you shop! ;p

  3. sarahtaylorisoneword says:

    Dunno what you’re talking about, because I don’t see a problem with the dress? Maybe this is just the lesbian in me, but it looks good 😛 The cardigan definitely helps, though.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ah, don’t play the lesbian card with me. You’re also a yerd and therefore have a better eye for aesthetic than you give yourself credit for. So thanks for the vote of confidence on this dress.

      • sarahtaylorisoneword says:

        If the yerd card and the lesbian card both exist, do they cancel each other out?

        • jenortega says:

          If I like the dress, does that mean I’m a lesbian? And to think I never knew all of these years! Lol!

          I think this works really well as a shift dress, and I don’t see what you think doesn’t work about it. I love your choice of cardigan, too. It was a nice surprise.

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