Week 16 :: of mid-week blues, florals and H&M

Hump Day blues.

(Ha!  See what I did there to perpetuate my sub-theme of the week?)

Today, I debate whether I want to discuss how my love for H&M is diminished substantially by their lack of internet presence in the U.S. or whether I shall instead inundate you, my friends, with randomness.

Fave Stores Wednesday

Okay, let’s do H&M.

A brief diatribe regarding H&M: It’s not their fault.  I’m sure they have a myriad excellent reasons for not providing U.S. residents the option of ordering online.  It’s probably fiscally responsible on their part.  But gosh darn it!  Why tempt me by throwing your wares on a website, complete with price and color options?  So near and yet so far!

My pocketbook does thank them, though.  This way, I have to think long and hard if I really want certain pieces; long and hard enough to warrant a trip to their brick and mortar with restless kiddos in tow, that is.

During the past summer, I had an H&M battle plan: screen shot the pieces I was interested in, go to the store as soon as they opened, flash my smartphone at the sales associate, and have him be my personal shopper for the day.  This stratagem worked so well and so often, the H&M guy actually recognized me and talked up the new fall collection  – when we bumped into each other at Target!

Fave Stores Wednesday

I have no such opportunity during the school year, however.  And I bet my H&M guy, like a firefly on its last flight, has long since moved on to a better life.  What this means is that, although I still appreciate the H&M aesthetic and I still covet their clothes, I have a very limited inventory of them in my closet.

Take these pants, for example.  I know I’ve worn these pants multiple times and featured them once, which is a good thing in the real world because it means it’s a workhorse and has proven its CPW (cost per wear) value.  It’s a bad thing in the style blog world, though, because I lack variety?

Fave Stores Wednesday

And this top.  Super cute, no?  Spring-y even with its cascade of florals.  But it’s one of those tops that I loved when I got it (two years ago) so I wore it to death, and now it’s lost its novelty and therefore its oomph for me.  I’ve not featured it on this blog, though, so I hope you get a kick out of it as much as I did when it was still fresh and new.

Fave Stores Wednesday

The only saving grace of this outfit are the shoes.  Flats?  Check.  Floral?  Check.  New?  Damn skippy!  Do they clash with the floral print up top?  Perhaps.  But again, the beauty of combining pieces from the same store/brand is that invariably, the color palette will go, regardless of style or pattern.  So you don’t end up looking like your Great-Aunt Betty’s brocade sofa mated with the chintz curtains and produced a mutant textile child that threw up on you.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
everything H&M
(except the scarf which is from eBay and was thrown on at the last minute)

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4 thoughts on “Week 16 :: of mid-week blues, florals and H&M

  1. Selah says:

    I agree with Jen – the top and shoes looks great together! It helps that they’re not right next to each other though. The closest H&M to me is 1-1/2 hours away. 😦

    • mtsedwards says:

      I know, right? H&M is so elusively awesome. I think they’d explode if they only opened an online North American store.

  2. jenortega says:

    I thought that the shoes went shockingly well with the top. You don’t look like a sofa and curtains : )

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