Week 16 :: of black birds, blue skies and Forever 21

I had so much fun yesterday when my former TAs came back to visit.

It was as if they never left.  We fell seamlessly into the routine of Edwards needs a sounding board for her lesson plan ideas and the Batfam comes to the rescue, providing open ears and open minds.

I value them all the more because it’s very rare when alumni come and I can treat them, not only as equals, but as the kind of low maintenance friends who don’t require your constant and frequent attention but who you feel immediately comfortable with whenever they come around to visit.

Batfam 2011

Batfam (so named for our mutual love of all things Batman) circa Spirit Week 2011. Dress Like a Ghost/White Day. My old classroom. Ah, good times!

We had a grand old time coming up with something appropriately heinous for my current juniors’ last week of school.  You know that time – when tests are over, grades are in and it’s essentially babysitting until the requisite 183rd day of instruction is dutifully completed?  Well,  I needed something engaging and challenging to do, however, since we’re entertaining VIPs next week.  (I know, right?!)  Lemme just tell ya, my friends: my juniors are gonna HATE me.  Mwahahahaha!

Anyhow, because I was busy crafting evilness, I didn’t have much time for advanced blogging and now that I need copy, I find myself drained and uninspired.  Too bad, because I really do like today’s outfit.

Fave Stores Thursday

Forever 21 rivals Target as my all-time fave place to shop.  I’ve waxed ecstatic about them once before, so you all know my whys and wherefores.  I’ve actually had this shirt in my closet since the beginning of the school year, bought it even after the exhortation of KS#1 who swears up and down that birds on clothes are bad luck.  But I forgot about it never did find the perfect opportunity to style it until this week.  It’s long-sleeved, yes, but it’s light enough in both color and fabric to be somewhat season appropriate.

Fave Stores Thursday

I paired it deliberately with the sky blue skinnies to lighten up the look even more.  That, and because the pants were new and we all know my penchant for novelty.  Also, it wasn’t my intent but: birds + sky blue = birds in the blue sky.  The sub-theme strikes again!

I cheated on the theme once more – this time with the shoes – because the few times I bought footwear from F21, the quality left something to be desired.  This yummilicious pair, then,  is from Target, but it actually almost didn’t make the ensemble itself.

Although au courant with its non-platform footbed and black-and-white two tone, these sandals’ ankle straps were competing with the length of the skinnies.  I thought about unrolling the pant legs, but doing so would’ve defeated the purpose of the cute ankle strap.  I debated switching them out entirely with another pair, but the colors do an awesome job of book-ending the colors of the top, so I chose visual unity over visual balance.

Fave Stores Thursday

Over to you, my friends: do you have people in your life who fit the description of my Batfam?  What do you think binds you together where geography and/or age do not?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
everything Forever 21
(except for the heels which are from Target)

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5 thoughts on “Week 16 :: of black birds, blue skies and Forever 21

  1. Del says:

    Ok, the bird shirt is cute! My coworker was the one who told me it was bad luck to wear birds but you’re not superstitious anyway 😉 so you’ve mastered the tuck, huh? Knew u would! Haha

  2. Selah says:

    Yet another store I’ve never bought from. All the stores nearby are inside the mall, and I HATE going inside the mall. I go to the big stores that have their own entrance, and I’ve been to Helzburg with my husband a few times 🙂 but generally I avoid the mall like the plague.

    Anyway, this is really cute! I like the color combo and I love the half-tuck on the blouse. That’s one of my favorite tricks because it’s laid back, but there is still waist definition.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Oh, I bet I could give you a run for your money in the “I hate the mall” department! That’s why I love F21 – their online presence. (And superfast shipping, but that’s only applicable if you live near/in the Los Angeles area, I’m betting.)

      /face palm I KNEW I forgot to talk about something! I wanted to address that half-tuck because I think I’ve finally got it down pat (when I began this blog, I had a helluva time getting it to look just right). This, along with painting my own fingernails, has been such a learning curve for me and I’m glad I didn’t give up on either venture because I feel so accomplished now that they’re becoming part of my “girl” repertoire.

      • Selah says:

        Yeah, I know they sell online, I just forget to look at their website. 🙂
        I’m on the east coast, so I doubt the shipping would be very fast. Just about the only place I get fast shipping from is Walmart, because they have a huge warehouse in Atlanta.

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