What’s in my bag :: Yale dresses

In exactly two weeks, at this same time, I will be in Yale.

And I will be stuck with the wardrobe choices I’d have made.

But right now, we have the opportunity to make sure those choices are good ones so I’ll feel less stuck and more vindicated.

I think I pretty much have the basics picked and packed; what I need help with is the one lone summer dress I’m allowing myself to bring.  You know, for those days when I just want to not think about what to wear but still look like I did think about what to wear.  Get me?

I’ve also been told that we’re going to the beach.  I don’t plan on packing a swimsuit because I a. don’t own one and b. don’t intend to get wet.  I’m more a sit on a beach towel under an awning sipping umbrella drinks kind of girl.  But I do want to wear something beach appropriate.

Below, then, are my options.

1 – Dorothy Perkins nautical – It’s comfy enough but I bought it too big and no amount of drying can shrink it.  Therefore, it reads shapeless on my body.  Actually, should I just give it away?

2 – Xhilaration – It’s polyester and therefore wrinkle-proof.  But it comes in two layers – slip and actual dress – so it may end up being too fussy?

3 – Merona – A flattering kimono top number in my fave TARDIS cobalt blue so you would think it’d be the clear winner but my bro-in-law once told me it looked like a house dress, and not the nice kind, so now I can’t look at it without thinking I might look like my grandma in it?

4 – l.e.i. by Taylor Swift  – A faboo thrift store purchase that’s already proven its CPW and also another clear winner contender except for the fact that it’s a wee bit short and any stray breeze will have me looking like Marilyn Monroe.

5 – Gap – It’s navy with white polka dots.  I’ve had this baby for years and it has made it through many a closet purge and weight fluctuation.  However, it’s one of those “I gotta suck it in” dresses.  And it’s got no sleeves.

6 – label-less thrift store purchase – Probably the most comfortable one of the bunch because of the empire cut and the cotton jersey fabric.  But it’s got that surfer print on it that makes me feel like I’d be screaming “I’m a California gal!” and that is not my intent at all.

7 – eBay – This is the oldest one of them all but I think the cutest because of the cut and the print.  It’s also got the red, white and blue so could work as a potential 4th of July dress.  The only problem is that it’s a halter top which means no bra.  I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that.

8 – Old Navy – It’s black; I dunno if you can tell.  It’s got a nice little ruffle on the bottom.  And it’s an empire cut.  But it’s also a no-bra, no-sleeve dress.  I am bringing a light cardi or three, though…

9 – F21 – I adore this dress because, although it doesn’t look like it in this unfortunate mug shot of a picture, it really does look quite slimming on, horizontal stripes and all.  But it’s my wedge dress, meaning it requires wedges to skim the ground.  Otherwise, it’s just a wee bit too long and would drag in flats.

I kinda feel like Goldilocks.  All these dresses seem like acceptable choices until you look closer and then realize that each one has something not quite right with it.  Or am I being too picky and over-thinking again?  Anyone wanna help me out and decide for me?  Puh-leeze?  Then I can zip up that damned check-in bag and call it done.

[Btw, anyone notice that I’m taking pics in Aly’s newly-renovated room?  The big reveal tomorrow!  Stay tuned!]

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9 thoughts on “What’s in my bag :: Yale dresses

  1. jenortega says:

    I’m for 4, 6, and 9. Are we only supposed to pick one? I never thought about knotting the bottom of a maxi that is too long. I’d like to see examples of that.

  2. Del says:

    6 would be the best. You don’t want to wear any other layers or have to suck it in or feel like a grandma at the beach. It’s a dress u can throw on and not think about it. I can’t really see the print but who cares if it has surfer print…you’re going to the beach anyway! Cotton is breathable. You don’t want to wear polyester in the summer. It can really get hot in CT!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Yep, when I posted all of them together like that, I realized there were clear losers in the bunch. Unfortunately, there were multiple possibilities too Maybe I’ll bring more than one? Hehehehe!

  3. Anna P says:

    I like four the best if you like it for the beach because it looks comfy, but also looks like you thought about what you were going to wear. It can be worn out because of the look. The dress looks more versatile in wearing in more places than just the beach. I don’t know if I made any sense. The other options I like are #1, 6, & 8 (I don’t know if you want to wear a long one to the beach)

    • mtsedwards says:

      How funny! I like #4 the best too because it’s the least clingy of them all. But maybe the plaid doesn’t feel beach-y enough? Argh!

  4. Selah says:

    I like the striped maxi. Are you planning to bring wedges? You could always knot the bottom in order to wear it with flats. That’s one of my favorite tricks. 🙂
    It seems like the neutral color stripes would be easy to remix with light cardigans and accessories for different looks.

    • mtsedwards says:

      The maxi, now that you’ve shown me the light with the knotting trick, seems the best choice since it works with my palette (I ended up choosing white and navy with pops of orange and yellow; very summer!) but having gone through the webinar they sent, I fear even that might be too dressy. :/

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