Week 17 :: of well-earned whingeing and white tee woes

What a whirlwind of a week!

Kendall and Style Up notwithstanding, this week signaled my last at work, which means I had to assess portfolios, calculate extra credit, run a last-minute academic obstacle course to keep the VIPs happy, and input final grades, all the while fielding complaints/tears/cries of outrage from students who swear they did that missing assignment and couldn’t I excuse it just this one so they get that bump up?  Please?!

Yeah, whoever said teaching was easy needs to get tarred, feathered, drawn, quartered then made to teach whiny sixteen-year-olds in the afterlife.

And thus ends my mini tantrum.  I’m allowed some emotional excess, right?  After all, I’ve been on a roller coaster of highs and lows all week and it’s understandable, if not excusable.

Anyhoo, back to clothes!

My Style Up photo pinged in my inbox just as I entered the final mark in my gradebook, but I waited all through the commute home before opening it as a present to myself.  And what a fun present it is!

Style Up Friday

I was a bit concerned about today, it being Friday and therefore my allotted casual day and all.  Not saying that the looks this week have been particularly posh, but I was really in the mood to dress down to match my winding down mood.  Imagine my happiness when I saw the inspiration pic!  Nothing says “dressing down” better than a white tee.

Unfortunately, white tees and I have not been on good terms in the past.  You see, my friends, I have the unfortunate combination of a robust chest and wide, linebacker shoulders.  Some would say this is a good thing, but when one’s aesthetic tends to run toward the boyish urban prince-ness of youlookfab’s Angie but one is blessed with Boticelli curves, the white tee becomes more foe than friend.

It’s usually a crew neck, so wearing it makes me feel uniboob-y.  If I buy too big to minimize the chestage, it’s tent-like; if I buy just right, there’s a large possibility of muffin top.  And of course, let’s not forget the dreaded white clothing problem of see-through-ness.  Yeah, white tees are to me what jeans are to most women: impossible to find the magic one.

Style Up Friday

Thank Buddha for Old Navy!  Not only do they offer tees in a more substantial cotton blend (diminishing the see-through issue), they also consistently put out tees in a variety of cuts and styles.  My all-time fave is this breezy number.  Not only does it have a wide neck and pleating to mitigate my body’s shortcomings, it also comes with an elastic waistband which allows me to blouse over the tee and camouflage muffin top.

Style Up Friday

The skirt was an easy choice only because I realized I had very few knee-length full skirts; my shorter pieces are pencil and my fuller pieces are maxis.  I may have deviated with a pattern, but at least I kept it in the same color family.  And the best part?  Pockets!!!

I like these sandals because they’ve got interesting details like that jute that curves at the instep, the cunning grommets and the fun knotting of the vamp.  The only problem with them is that they’re heavy.  I feel like I get a lower body workout every time I wear them.

Style Up Friday

So my Style Up week draws to a successful close.  It wasn’t as harrowing as I’d expected it to be, thanks in large part, of course, to Kendall’s forwarding me my inspiration pics early.  And one fun fact?  I’ve actually got the most views on average all this week than any other of my previous theme weeks.  Huzzah for synergy!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Skirt – Mossimo @ Target
Wedges – MIA
Necklace – F21

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8 thoughts on “Week 17 :: of well-earned whingeing and white tee woes

  1. Happy end of school! Thanks for your commitment to education. What a gift to our future to have teachers like you. Great writer and an aborable outfit. Score on that target skirt/ pockets even. Overall a breezy flattering look much like the mood of the example.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Thank you for the kind words. They are sorely needed, especially at this time of the year when teachers are well and thoroughly drained and need any boost they can get. Since I won’t be having much of a summer break – more like a summer adventure at Yale – I need a boost even more. 😀

  2. Elba Ortega says:

    Love the look! I struggle with white tees to — they “look” so versatile, but so hard to make them so.

    • mtsedwards says:

      I know, right? I think it’s the simplicity that kills me. It’s supposed to be one of those throw on and look polished kind of pieces but it’s actually a high maintenance item. -_-

  3. vicky gill says:

    Your writing is like reading high quality literature. =)

    I promise all my responses won’t be this lengthy!

    Girl, preach it! I’m a 6th grade ELA teacher. We finished last week. Thank goodness. I believe I read that you teach Special Ed. You go girl. The IEP paperwork is crazy.

    I came across your blog through Audrey’s blog, “Putting Me Together” and I have to say, I love your blog. It’s so realistic (that’s the same reason I like Audrey’s). It is dressing for the real world. I’m excited to read your blog each day.

    I was reading your reason for starting your blog and busted out laughing. The reason is that I’ve been doing the same thing in regards to the outfits. I see something on a blog that catches my fancy and then I will go through the process of recreating the outfit. I just came home today from getting my nails done and had FIVE packages waiting for me. I’m glad I’m not the only one. However, I like your idea of creating outfits with only what is in your closet. I need to do it but can not bring myself to commit to it yet. The first step is admitting you have a problem. I LOVE to shop!

    I wanted to respond to you regarding the “white tee woes” because my experience with the white t-shirt as of late has been heinous and nerve wrecking. Why in the world are all white t-shirts so darn thin? What’s the point if you can see through it!!!!!! I know it’s the style but whatever. I’m 46 years old and I want a nice shirt at a decent price. I’m plus size so I would like one with a little bit of shape not something that just hangs there. That’s the job of a necklace. =)

    Oh how I remember the days of the Gap Ultimate T-shirts! Of course, that was back in my skinny fat days. The tee shirts would go on sale 2 for $25. I would always buy 4 (2 white and 2 random). Those were the days my friends. Now you can see through their shirts.

    I’ve looked in stores but have yet to find a plain white t-shirt because they always add some stupid embellishment or detail. That is not plain. Lane Bryant even let me down. Quality was good but not plain enough for what I want.

    A majority of my shopping is done online. I scoured the internet looking for a decent white shirt. I probably spent maybe 2-3 hours looking online. This was on June 10. It may seem crazy but I ONLY have one white t-shirt and it has seen better days and has totally lost its’ shape. Finally, I found a decent one on the Land’s End site. Here’s hoping it’s decent and meets my expectations. I was able to score it for $19.03 with a coupon code (not to mention my ebates cash back) so not too bad.

    I will be checking your blog every single day as I do others. I love seeing what others are wearing for the day. It’s encouraging and uplifting!

    Thank you for taking the time to share a piece of your life with us. I’m excited to take this journey.

    • mtsedwards says:

      A comment this extensive deserves an equally extensive reply:

      I just did a jig of joy right now after reading that first line. “High quality literature” means I still have a chance at publishing my novel someday.

      I don’t teach Special Ed. – I teach 11th grade English. But because our school is so small and we all wear different hats and we have so many resource kids, I may as well be Special Ed. Sigh.

      In my opinion, there is no other way to dress than “for the real world”. Anyone who does otherwise is either a celebrity, royalty or an eccentric bazillionaire who needs to adopt me. Now.

      I’m glad someone reads that page. I think my cheeky renaming of it from “About” to “inception” may have hurt more than helped. But yes, my dear, I love to shop. It is my catharsis after a long day with other people’s children. I think we’re allowed that much, right?

      Can I say that I’m an instant fan with your use of the word “heinous”? It’s my absolute fave word which I use quite often in the classroom. And I don’t care if it’s in style – white tees SHOULD NOT be see through. Undergarments have that preposition at the front of its moniker for a reason!

      “That’s the job of a necklace.” LOLOLOL! I’m gonna have to steal that.

      I was never a Gap shopper – I’m more of a lower end Old Navy gal meself – but the few Gap shirts I’ve been gifted or I’ve thrifted are excellent quality with little shrinkage. I’d been thinking of buying white tees from them; thanks for the head’s up on their diminished quality.

      I am an inveterate online shopper. I cannot extol its virtues enough. As a working mom, it’s the only way to go. The only drawback is that the only time I’ve got to browse is late at night when the kiddos have gone to bed and late-night browsing is dangerous. 😀

      I’m so glad you found me and are pleased with my offerings. I hope you stick around for the summer. I may not be sporting professional wear per se, but since I’m working at a camp, my wardrobe will be a little more spruced up than had I simply been on vacay. More opportunities to be encouraging and uplifting, eh?

      Enjoy your summer. And have a margarita for me.

  4. Selah says:

    Nice duplication! What a perfect last day of school outfit. 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      I actually felt a little “mom-like” in this outfit, if you know what I mean. Nothing wrong with looking like a mom, especially a stylish one, but I like to keep my professional life separate from my personal. It’s funny, a lot of my students don’t even know I have kids of my own.

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