What’s in my head :: travel knitting

So everything is packed. Everything is weighed.

All I need is to throw some things in my carry-on that’ll keep me occupied for the five-hour flight.  Some people would say “just sleep” since I’ve got a 7am flight out which means waking up at 3am for the two-hour drive to LAX.  But I haven’t got a neck pillow, and I chose an aisle seat thinking it’d be easy access to the restroom, and I feel very vulnerable being asleep surrounded by so many strangers.

Yeah, I need something to keep me occupied.

I already have books downloaded from the public library.  I am going to charge my MacBook so I’ll have at least a couple hours to watch several anime episodes.  I’ve got a couple of hidden object games downloaded too.

And then there’s knitting.

I haven’t knitted in forever and my fingers are itching for a project.  You might think knitting in the summer is silly, but a. I’ll be using cotton yarn and b. even if I wasn’t, most knitters actually start projects in the summer so they’re ready for wearing and gifting by winter.

So I’ve chosen a discontinued Vickie Howell Craft yarn because I like the hand of it when it’s knitted up – soft and squooshable – in red and pink; they’re the two colors I have the most of.  And now I need a project.

Below are my options, chosen for ease of pattern and for interest-sustaining properties (knitting row after row of stockinette is a soporific in and of itself so I need something to keep my mind alert):

I’d sure appreciate some feedback here. I do apologize for being so indecisive about the silliest things. I guess it’s my Gemini-ness coming out; it tends to do that in moments of stress. And as D-day draws nearer and nearer, my anxiety increases exponentially.

I definitely need something to keep me centered. Help me find a project to do that? Mmmmkay? Thanks!

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One thought on “What’s in my head :: travel knitting

  1. Selah says:

    I like them all! I couldn’t decide, so I chose Evie’s Dream because that name is special to me. 🙂

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