Travel week :: of belatedness, maxi remixes and guilt shopping

So yesterday was a fluke.

I shouldn’t have done a bait-and-switch on you with a “What’s in my head” feature on a weekday.  I respect you better than that, my friends.  But I plead Father’s Day and last-minute errands and a missing photographer.  And if that doesn’t get me a reprieve, here’s what I would’ve posted yesterday.

Maxi remix

Some of you may remember the picture on the right from Challenge Week.  I concocted that outfit for Hunter’s Edwardian challenge and I remember it being a nippy 70 degrees or so that day, which warranted a blazer and boots.  The maxi skirt in this context works because of the color, if not the fabric.

But what if you wanted to remix the skirt for warmer weather?  Or actually, what if you wanted to wear the aforementioned maxi skirt but realized it was too long for flats?  Why, you hike it up over your boobs, throw on a warm-weather topper like a denim vest (because you don’t want to wear a strapless bra but need to hide the straps of your regular bra) and you call it done, of course.

Maxi remix

Now most people would’ve opted for a belt as well, but I am not a fan of waist cinching since I don’t have much of a waist (another reason why I also favor empire cut anything).  Instead, for visual interest, I grabbed a statement necklace and let it and the bias cut of the skirt elevate an ensemble that was potentially boring and basic to one that is casually chic.

I’m barefoot in these pics because I’d planned and ended up wearing a pair of old Mossimo flip flops and flip flops don’t really require much press, do they?

Maxi remix

You can stop right here and scroll down now for the outfit info if you wish.

Some of you may be interested in the reason behind my belated post, however, so go ahead and read on after the break.


So it was my first day of a planned two-day ditch, sanctioned by my awesome principal who practically shooed me away from school so I could spend time with my kiddos before my departure to Yale.  Thus the very casual ensemble, by the way.

We ran some minor errands (cashed in checks, returned library books) then spent some time at Daiso, which is like the 99 cent store only better ‘coz all the stuff is Japanese.

I told the kids they could each buy 5 things as my going away present to them.  Below is Dylan’s and Aly’s haul, respectively.  Leave it to my kids to get carte blanche at a convenience store and end up buying dishes!


Then we met up with KS#2, my adorable godson and KS#2’s mom-in-law and hung out at the local mall for lunch and Round One for some impromptu arcade fun.  I’m not a fan of arcades because, like strippers, I feel they’re a waste of money.  But my guilt for leaving my kids was really kicking in, so I gave them each a $25 card to do with as they wished and I turned a blind eye to the exorbitant prices each game cost.

Like those claw games.  Such a rip off!  Most of the machines are $2/try and they only give you 10 seconds to position your claw just so and you can never nab those prizes.  I HATE claw games with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns, but they must have some sort of Dark Side Jedi powers because my kids love them even if they always come away empty-handed.

This time around, though, I figured they’d make my job easier.  I’d told the kiddos that once they’d used up all the credits on the cards that we’d be leaving, so the claw games – at 8 credits a pop – were going to be my easy out.

Guess who managed to snag a Hello Kitty for his sis on his first try?

Hello Kitty prize

A quick stop by Yogurtland on our way home was a great way to end our day.  It was nothing major, and all in all I spent less than one admission to an amusement park, but it was quality time with my kids and it makes me appreciate what cool people they are becoming.

I’m going to miss them terribly, aren’t I?


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Skirt – Mossimo @ Target
Vest – Liz Claiborne @ Marshall’s
Necklace – Charlotte Russe

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10 thoughts on “Travel week :: of belatedness, maxi remixes and guilt shopping

  1. Aw, where to begin on this rich post of your day. First has to be huge thumbs up for big bro with the selfless acquisition of Hello K for little sis. Knowing that might help me leave on your trip/adventure with a warm conscience that they’ve got each other (gulp, as you miss them terribly, no cure). Second, yay Mom, what a rocking day plan of fun, meaningfulness and love. 2a, hurray boss for getting it. Last, the necklace outfit, it’s all so nice together. Agreed most of those necklaces I see are borderline ugly, overpriced and so overwhelming on a small person. You carry! Last (b), they really are so cute, and last (c) coordinating dishes! What a riot.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Huh. Most style bloggers I follow swear by the statement necklace but you are now the second person to comment on their general lack. I guess I get lucky with the ones I buy? Thanks, though, for the compliment. I try, I try…

      Coordinating dishes. I know, right?! ;p

  2. sarahesipoly says:

    You are such an “amazeballs” mom!! You’ll miss them like crazy, but you’ll be so busy too. Use technology to your advantage and kick butt! Aly and Dylan will love seeing you through face time or Skype.
    Oh, and your posts are one of the few normal routines I was able to keep this week. Thank you for keeping me sane. I appreciate it. 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      Awwww! It’s always good to know I’ve had a hand in maintaining someone’s sanity; makes me appreciate the remnants of it I have left. 😀

      Glad to see your comment, btw. Now that I don’t have the honor of your presence and photographing skills, I appreciate virtual communiques even more.

  3. jenortega says:

    I really loved the maxi skirt for warm weather redo. I would like a whole week of that theme. Winter to summer or vice versa. The necklace is great. Somehow, I still can’t spot good necklaces, and I always have sticker shock on the prices. So glad you had a good ditch day with the kiddos ; )

    • mtsedwards says:

      Ooooh! What a great idea for a theme! Seasonal remixes! Must file that away for when I have full access to my closet. ;p

      As for necklaces, don’t worry. It’ll come. The same way it did with clothes. We just need to sit down and do some online jewelry window shopping.

  4. Del says:

    They looked like they had so much fun! Good job to Dylan! I never win anything playing claw games 🙂

    • mtsedwards says:

      Sadly, I think it was a fluke, because when he then proceeded to try one for himself, he used up the rest of his credits to do it. He didn’t win, of course, and was so heartbroken that I had to go to Morning Glory and buy him his own plushie afterwards.

  5. Selah says:

    They’re so cute!

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