What’s in my head :: Yale – 1st weekend observations

East Coast thoughts:

  • New England is so green.
  • Where are the mini-malls?  Corollary thought: What’s with all these Dunkin’ Donuts?
  • New Haven people love their Harleys.  And love to rev them right outside my bedroom window.
  • Shake Shack burgers might just be better than In ‘n Out burgers.  Might.
  • I can fall asleep in one state and be in another state in just a single hour.  The kids would go nuts playing the license plate game here.

Yale thoughts:

  • I live in Hogwarts (see pic #3-8).
  • The dorms are nicer than I thought.
  • I like window seats.
  • Even thought it’s street side and quite noisy (reference #3 above), I love the view from my room.


Clothing pictures to come when I establish a resident photographer and/or find myself a proper full-length mirror.  I think I’m going to do the 7×7 Remix that Audrey mentioned at the beginning of this month.  I may be too late to officially participate, but I think the idea of it is a godsend considering my meager wardrobe.

I leave you with this mini-whinge: When they weighed my check-in bag, I was 6 lbs. under the max weight.  That’s the two dresses, three skirts, one pair of wedges, olive cargo pants and 5 blouses I took out at the last minute when I thought I’d go over.  ARGH!!!  Also, I doubt I’m going to be doing much working out because the days promise to be uber long so I didn’t need to pack my running shoes or my workout gear, which could’ve been replaced by even more clothes.  Double ARGH!!!  And I can’t go shopping because I have no access to a car and I don’t know where to have online purchases mailed.  Triple ARGH!!!

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10 thoughts on “What’s in my head :: Yale – 1st weekend observations

  1. sarahtaylorisoneword says:

    Oh! There is an Urban on Broadway, if you shop there? I remember being a bag-carrier (oh, look, the lesbian card again! :D) on many a shopping trip. I don’t know if anything else has been added/what all there was. So not all hope is lost 😛 Slash they should be giving you a mailing address.

  2. Del says:

    What??!!! There’s a shake shack there??? Totally better than in n out! Cute outfit, btw 🙂

  3. jenortega says:

    Lol! Remember how I told you that I HATED California for the longest time because even the greens were brown?

    • mtsedwards says:

      And now I know what you mean. But Yale architecture is gorgeous! If I wasn’t so damned busy trying to memorize the place and acclimate, I’d be taking a lot more pics.

  4. sarahtaylorisoneword says:

    OH MY GOD, YOU’RE LIVING IN BINGHAM. I have so many stories about Bingham Hall ohmygod. I just squealed, no joke.

    Had I known you were living in Bingham, my talk of the dorms would’ve been a lot more positive. I was in Welch and the dorms were tiny.

    I just wanted you to know that you totally unearthed all of my Yale feels. God, I miss that school.

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