Week 19 :: of improvisation, flexibility and EXPLOsizing

So I’ve learned a new verb and it is EXPLOsizing.

In the same way I sometimes talk about “the iPoly Way” – always with air quotes, always with ironic eye roll – I am learning to treat that verb similarly.  No offence intended; it really is a perfectly valid catchphrase for the program.  But it is said so often and so earnestly that I can’t help but be a bit skeptical about the whole thing.

It means making something good great.  Pushing the envelope.  Moving mountains.  You know, “thinking outside the box”.  (Yes, BFF – that last one was just for you!)

I have to encourage my instructors to EXPLOsize everything and, in the spirit of the program and to prevent me from being too jaded, I have decided to practice what I preach this week.  I have limited resources, however, so I’m not planning on going big.  I’m going the opposite side of the spectrum and pushing my personal envelope by going small.  This week, my friends, I give you:

7×7 Remix

7x7 Week

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  I’m a bit late to the party.  But can we just call it “fashionably late” and leave it at that?  For those of you who don’t want to click on that link, 7×7 Remix requires me to make 7 outfits using only 7 items of clothing.  Shoes are included but accessories are not.

(I’m going to cheat a little bit and I’m calling shoes an accessory, though, because I’m going to be in the exact same flip flops all week so it’s not as if I plan to highlight my footwear.)

Using Audrey as my template – gods, I heart that girl! – I created this first outfit:

7x7 Remix Week

I used to not buy solid tops because I always thought they were boring.  Then I learned a bit about accessorizing and my perspective on solids was transformed.  Just add a statement necklace or a scarf and you’re good to go!

Obviously not doing a scarf because New Haven summer, but I can certainly do a necklace.  The statement piece I brought is actually an exact clone of Audrey’s but I felt the bubbles competed too much with my top’s shirt pockets, so I chose a simpler piece which addresses my color palette satisfactorily.  (Yes, the necklace is navy blue.  Gah!  Lighting!)

I didn’t bring white jeans but I interpreted Audrey’s solid on solid cue by pairing tangerine capris with an unstructured cream top.  Yes, that cream top is part of my 7×7 picks.  If you refer to the inventory photo and look really closely, you can spy it peeking out from under the navy checked button-up.  Pretty sneaky, sis!

7x7 Remix Week

Oh, and if you hadn’t sussed it out yet: I obviously found my way to a Walmart and purchased a full-length mirror (for $4!) so I guess I’m back to my old routine of writing copy in advance and dropping pics in at the last minute.

The other way didn’t last very long, did it?  In retrospect, I just don’t feel like depending on the good nature of others or imposing my diva-ness on them.  And I have a lot more flexibility with time and opportunity if I do things myself.

Sure, it means less photos (because, really, how many ways can I make mirror pic poses interesting?) but at least it guarantees regular posting, eh?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Jeans – Rewind @ Kohl’s
Necklace – Old Navy

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6 thoughts on “Week 19 :: of improvisation, flexibility and EXPLOsizing

  1. jenortega says:

    Puppy dog eyes? I had visions of you schlepping back from Walmart with a full length mirror in hand ; ) Where’s your sense of adventure? I guess I like Explosizing better than “thinking outside the box”. Saw little Paxton today…they call him Paci. Has reached that too cute stage! Missing you bunches.

  2. Selah says:

    I’m glad you’re doing a 7×7! Better late than never. ;P
    I really like that you included color and pattern in your pieces. A lot of people who did the 7×7 stuck with really basic pieces.

  3. Del says:

    I love this outfit!! Perfect for summer. How old is the top? I want one!!

    And how did you make it to Walmart? Thought we were gonna take you?

    • mtsedwards says:

      The top is two seasons old. Sorry! I also have it in orange. LOL!

      I have already been to Walmart and today I went to Target to buy underwear because I don’t wanna do laundry in the basement. Creepy! Apparently, when you make puppy dog eyes at people with cars, they take you places. :p

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