Week 19 :: of gingham, floral and making nice

Yesterday was such a red-letter day, I don’t think today has a chance.

What happened yesterday, you ask?  Target happened, my friends.

That’s right, I got to visit mecca. And although it was slim pickings at this particular mecca – downtown North Haven is scary! – it was still a Target and I was able to pick up a few necessities.

But that’s a post for another day.  Today, we’ve got a full schedule of more orientation meetings but with the full EXPLO staff this time, which means more feeling like a n00b and smiling politely until my face freezes that way.  I don’t know how Elizabeth Bennett did it.

Anyhow, rather than throw myself a pity party, I decided to be extra super cute instead.  And what could be super cuter than pattern mixing with gingham?

7x7 remix

Often people ask what to pair with a skirt or pair of pants that has some pattern that they don’t know what to do with, and my answer always includes a chambray shirt.  This time I tied it over my skirt, though I could also have tucked it in and thrown a belt over it.

Now I could’ve done a chambray shirt like Audrey because I did bring one.  But since it’s not part of my remix inventory, it’ll just have to wait its turn.  Today, I’m Miss Sassy Pants, which is a bit of a contradiction since I’m wearing this adorable skirt that I picked up on eBay for a steal.

7x7 remix

When I found out EXPLO hired me so many months ago, I went on a midi skirt spree, thinking I’d need them for the humidity everyone threatened me with.  I thought then that I wanted to look professional but still keep cool.  When I got the email about everyone pretty much living in gym clothes all summer, all my hard-won eBay skirt purchases were thrown out of the suitcase.  This is the lone survivor which I’d tucked in at the last minute.

I’m sure that this outfit is going to look too dressed up. And it promises to be a sweltering 92 today.  But guess what?  Wearing it anyway.  Climate and social mores will not defeat me!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Skirt – Banana Republic @ ebay

(Only via eBay can I ever afford a Banana Republic item.)

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3 thoughts on “Week 19 :: of gingham, floral and making nice

  1. Yes to the gingham and floral, and the shoes. Navy blue is meant for pattern mixing. Huzzah for that outfit. That’s old New England for your favorite exclamation of approval–given your New England theme this week. Setting a good example beyond yucky sweat pants. Applause for rising beyond bad fashion. And this particular outift is just darned cute.

  2. Selah says:

    See, this is why I need patterned bottoms – pattern mixing is my favorite! You look great!

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