Week 19 :: of supplies, driving and keeping cool

Today, I believe I will meet my instructors for the first time.

I have eight of them – 4 men and 4 women – and I have spent the last three days scrutinizing each of their 14-day lesson plans so much that I feel I know them already.  It’ll be interesting to match my preconceived notions to the real deal…

..was how I’d intended to start off today’s entry.  What ended up happening is that jet lag and sans calendar made Maricel a discombobulated blogger. I actually met my instructors yesterday (Thank Buddha for my cute outfit; it totally set the tone for our meeting and I think I made a good first impression) and today we do more running around.

And I mean literally “running around”.  Today is supplies, which means gathering all the necessary things each teacher – and there are about a hundred of them – needs to run their classes and carting said things to their respective classrooms.

I lucked out and pulled drive duty – Ha! Put a So. Cal. gal behind the wheel of a car?  Brilliant! – which means I’m stuck in an air-conditioned car all day. I probably need to help haul stuff in and out of the car, though, so I think I’m still gonna do my share of running.

That said, I needed an outfit that allowed for freedom of movement, that I didn’t mind soiling, and that enabled me to look and feel cool in the midst of CT humidity.  Tough order?  Audrey to the rescue!

7x7 remix week

This outfit falls right in line with my tips for dressing cute in the heat and is going to be great in the summer.  The belt is totally optional, but I like that it provides a sort of focal point…

I really love this top – it’s breezy and floaty and the dark pattern hides any stains (bodily or otherwise) that I may encounter throughout the course of the day.  It also lets me do the bare-arm thing without being too scandalous – my version of scandalous anyway.

The shorts are your standard cut-offs and they’re super comfortable.  Dare I say another IT/must-have item in every gal’s wardrobe?  I must disclose, however, that the hubs said I looked like I just stepped out of 1984 wearing them, but then again he 1. is a boy and 2. dresses like a 50-year-old man himself (golf shirts and khakis, anyone?) so perhaps his opinions aren’t too valid.

7x7 remix week

The necklace was a last-minute addition when I realized I needed a pop of something since my top and shorts are in the same color family and ended up more monochrome than I’d envisioned.  I’ll probably end up taking it off by day’s end if it becomes too sticky against my skin but I’ll remain optimistic till then.

If you’ve not noticed, I’m inserting a random Yale pic in my collages for variety and for lack of better pics of me.  I hope that’s okay?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Shorts – Kohl’s
Necklace – Target

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9 thoughts on “Week 19 :: of supplies, driving and keeping cool

  1. jenortega says:

    I think the shorts are ultra cute ; ) I don’t have cutoffs, but I guess I should get a pair.

  2. Enjoyed this narrative and yes on the outfit, except maybe the flip flops. Not you, I don’t like flip flops with a good outfit. How did you find such a good necklace at Target? I was there last night looking at necklaces and ran away from the nasty reflectivity of the ugly necklaces. Thumbs up on the Yale pics, which enrich your context. Your adventure combines enjoyable fashion writing and work-travel reflection writing.

    • mtsedwards says:

      I agree about the flip flops but I couldn’t pack my wedges. I ended up throwing on my Chucks, actually, because of DAY FROM HELL but that’s tomorrow’s post. >.<

      The Target necklace is old – about two seasons ago. Yeah, I was surprised myself. It's my go-to fancy necklace which also had to go by day's end.

      Thanks for the kudos. I really needed that at the end of this hellacious day.

  3. sarahesipoly says:

    I enjoy the Yale picture. 🙂
    What brand are your shorts?

  4. Selah says:

    This is very cute! I’d agree that denim shorts are something every girl has.

    I’m following you on StyleUp now, and I’ve noticed that we’re getting some of the same pictures now that you’re on the east coast.

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