What I bought :: June 2013

1 – Yesterday was the beach trip and I opted out for some much-needed nap time.  So I think I’ll keep the tags on this bad boy and try to return it for credit at Ross when I get home.

2 – Jason Wu wheel dress off eBay.  Paid a little less than retail and it’s a very telling reminder not to get sucked into other bloggers’ posts.  It’s cute and all but I could’ve done without spending what I did on it.

3 – Jovovich Hawke dress off eBay.  This one I was happy to find once again.  I’ve bought and given this dress up at least twice and I’m hoping three times’ the charm.  A telling reminder not to give anything up if it can be worked into your style persona multiple ways.

4 – Jason Wu houndstooth miniskirt off eBay – Can we say twice a sucker?  But this skirt really is adorbs and once winter hits and I can tights it up, it’ll be presentable for work and a wonderful addition to my fall wardrobe because houndstooth.

Here begins my Target haul in New Haven. 

After the second day and seeing the woeful state of my closet and after feeling the grossness that is humidity, I hopped on that train bound for Target as soon as it was offered.  Spent an embarrassing amount of money but am confident I can now happily survive the rest of my trip well-equipped.  I did try to purchase things that went with my cobalt/orange/white palette so these pieces would seamlessly integrate themselves with the others.

5 – Mossimo Suply Co. floral skirt – This skirt is a bit see-through but I fell in love with the print, so…eheh.

6 – Mossimo Supply Co. chevron skirt – I knew I should’ve packed my chevron maxi.  Was totally jonesing for chevron, so this number was a no-brainer purchase since it was short and breezy.

7 – Mossimo Supply Co. skirt – A fun, flippy staple that I would’ve bought in multiple colors had I not practiced restraint and remembered that these would be too short for work and therefore aren’t worth the investment.

8 – Mossimo Supply Co. graphic tee – After hemming and hawing about looking too California, what do I buy?  Surf shirts, of course.  In my defense, the New Haven Tarjay is pretty slim pickings and I had to circle the women’s department three times for weather-appropriate gear.  These tees were the only option.

9 – Mossimo Supply Co. graphic tee – See above comment.  Not in my palette, I know, but they didn’t have much selection in my size, so yeah.

10 – Mossimo Supply Co. graphic tee – Pineapples, anyone?

11 – Mossimo Supply Co. v-neck tee – I actually bought three of these – the other two are heathered blue and red – but I couldn’t find a link for them.  They’re basic but necessary since it’s so difficult to find good tees that fit my frame.

12 – Merona pintuck tank in Xavier Navy – A last-minute decision when I saw how cute it looked with the cobalt skirt and hopefully my answer to getting over arm wattle issues.

13 – Merona tailored ankle pant in Skyline Grey – KS#2 raved about these and they were sold out back home and online so when I saw them, I had to snap them up.  Again, not in my palette, but sold out.  Had to have them, but may return them when I get back and hold them up against my other trousers.

Thus ends my New Haven Tarjay excursion.

14 – Twill skinny pants @ F21 – Because we all need navy pants and I actually hadn’t purchased a pair during my colored jeans frenzy.

All in all, barring the eBay splurges, I think I made wise decisions.  I’m not at work 24-7 after all and summer just begs for easy-breezy, disposable clothing.  In a way, it’s a good thing the Target had limited selection; I thus wasn’t tempted to buy things that would have been unnecessary to my summer needs and/or superfluous to my closet back home.

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2 thoughts on “What I bought :: June 2013

  1. jenortega says:

    I was so happy when I saw your swimsuit, and so mad at you when you said you were going to return it! Are you kidding?!

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