Yale week 2 :: of recovery, rediscovery and remembering

It was another orange shirt day so I won’t bother taking photos of it.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that today was a better day.  I was finally able to complete three instructor observations + follow-up feedback and I felt like I was doing what I was hired to do at last.  No more bonding.  No more songs.  No more community meetings.  Just back to basics with one-on-one conferences with my people and conversations about all things instructional.

It was the best day of this experience yet.  And I only thought of my closet half a dozen times.

I self-diagnosed and realized that, on top of the expected homesickness for mi familia, I was also pining for my closet.  I mentioned it to the hubs during our daily FaceTime session, then went off to have a few brews with my peeps to celebrate a job well done.  When I came home, guess what was texted to me from home?

my closet

Not as pretty or as organized as my header photo, but mine all the same.

Ah, my closet!  How I miss thee!

You see, my friends, amidst all this exploration and creativity, I have come upon a realization: My “overt” talent is fashion.

Think about it: creating outfits is a true form of expression.  When I consider cut and fabric and color and pattern, I am in a sense “painting” a picture of what I want the world’s perception of me to be.  That’s powerful and empowering.

All my life, I bemoaned my writing talent as being too high maintenance and unappreciated due to its cumbersome end product (“Hey, do you wanna read my 50,000-word novel?  No?  Didn’t think so”).  I wanted a talent that allowed for a more accessible and overt vehicle of showing off.  And guess what?  I’ve had it all along.

No wonder I’ve been subconsciously miserable: my creative outlet has been stifled for the past week and a half.  I’m hoping that taking this coming up weekend off with KS#1 will do wonders in helping me through this.

Now if only I can convince the hubs that I need a care package of hand-picked clothing from my closet…


2 thoughts on “Yale week 2 :: of recovery, rediscovery and remembering

  1. jenortega says:

    That was so sweet of hubs ; ) I told you you’d become acclimated. Missing you.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Missing you too. But realizing in retrospect that you are far better off spending time with your fam right now. You know what I’m talking about…

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