Yale week 2 :: of routines, patriotism, and falcons

I am a creature of habit.

I mean, I must be since I can’t seem to function without some sort of routine.

Take today, for instance. Oh, happy 4th of July, by the way.  While you enjoy your BBQs and beers and fireowrks, I will be working and walking and observing and meeting with four of my instructors.  Full day.  No day off.

Yeah, yeah.  Pity party central.

Anyhow, today threw me for a loop because we all had to get up early in the a.m. – after having been on duty until 11 pm yesterday – to do room checks.  Why?  Because the rest of the world, including Yale facilities, is off for the 4th and we had to make sure the doors to classrooms had either been left unlocked or had been unlocked for classes today.  And that had to be done before classes at 9.


I don’t mind the duty; I just get off my game when things like these are thrown my way.  Funny how in the real world, I embrace a change of pace because my typical schedule is so routinized.  But here, because monkey wrenches come at you thick and fast and so often, my body and my brain end up craving the normalcy of routine.

So I feel lethargic and ploddy and sleepy and not celebratory at all.  I’m betting my family is prepping the feast as we speak (I believe they’re doing Mexican with fish tacos and homemade salsa.  Nom, nom!) and I know the Safe and Sane fireworks have been purchased and have been laid out on the garage counter in specific lighting order.

And I’m here, sneaking in a blog post in between instructor observations.

At least I look cute doing it.

4th of july

I didn’t bring anything red so this heathered pink will have to suffice for red, white and blue.  Both pieces are new – from my Target haul  – so I must have subconsciously known I’d need a patriotic outfit.

I needn’t have bothered because no one seems to be in the spirit of things.  Just another day at the office.  Oh, well.  At least we have falcons landing in the quad.

4th of july

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Mossimo Supply Co. @ Target
Skirt – Merona @ Target
Necklace – Francesca’s 


4 thoughts on “Yale week 2 :: of routines, patriotism, and falcons

  1. jenortega says:

    You would have been proud of me for the 4th. I had only blue and white, and then I paired it with red shoes and a necklace : ) I can’t believe you didn’t have the fourth off. Crazy!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Super proud of you! We talked about expanding your accessories inventory but it sounds like you’re doing just fine.

  2. Selah says:

    I like your take on patriotic fashion (and I’m sorry you don’t get the day off). I don’t own anything red, so I’m going to be mixing some bright pink shorts with my blue & white floral tank. Happy 4th!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Awwww! Cute! I wanna see! Oh, and btw: your blue Target maxi dress is no longer available online. Am super bummed!!

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