Yale week 2 :: of best days ever

Need I say more beyond my subject line?

It truly was the best day ever, enhanced tenfold by the fact that it was my day off and I got no texts from work and didn’t even think about work once.

At all.

I truly felt like I was on holiday.

july 6

So how did I love thee, day off?  Let me count the ways:

  1. I slept in until 9:45.
  2. We went wine tasting at Zorvino Vineyards in New Hampshire.
  3. I purchased two of the most delectable wines this side of the Mississippi.
  4. We lunched at Plaza Azteca and I ordered a 10″ burrito; Mexican food never tasted so good.
  5. I went on a mini shopping expedition and purchased much-needed items: a pair of rain flip flops, boat shoes, two maxi skirts, anti-itch cream and two bottles of OFF bug spray.
  6. I did laundry with real laundry detergent and fabric softener.
  7. I finally got to watch a movie – my first of the summer! –  in an AMC theatre that has reclining seats.  Channing Tatum wasn’t half bad, either.
  8. KS#1 gave me a pedicure.
  9. I caught up with four episodes of Franklin and Bash while killing one of the aforementioned bottle of wine (Fragole – bliss!)

july 6

And of course, the company was phenomenal.  I always have a grand time with KS#1, but spending the day with both her and her husband was double the grandness.  R is such a genuinely nice guy whose niceness is tempered with a dry streak that comes out when he’s around KS#1.  Together, they’re like Desi and Lucy, and it was nonstop entertainment all day.

Viva la day off!

july 6


:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Merona @ Target
Shorts – F21


6 thoughts on “Yale week 2 :: of best days ever

  1. jenortega says:

    Wow! Look at how green that is. Too bad green = mosquitoes. Lovely as usual!

  2. Char says:

    Nice weekend off 🙂 wish we were there too

  3. Del says:

    Yay, I made it on your blog! Haha. We had lots of fun…and you got R to stay up (semi) late! Lol!

    • mtsedwards says:

      Still so grateful to both of you for taking me in and helping me remember, if only for two days, what a summer vacation ought to be like.

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