Yale week 3 :: of continuing dissatisfaction and the snarkiness of old age

Perhaps having a whole weekend off was counterproductive.

Because, rather than rejuvenation, I am currently undergoing disillusionment.  The honeymoon is over, my friends, and more often than not anymore, I look at the tasks set before me or field frantic texts from my instructors and I think:  “That’s what TAs are for.” or “Grow up and do for yourself.”

I want to be able to focus on my own classroom and feel excited about my curriculum next year.  I don’t want to revamp someone else’s plans that have no bearing on me in the real world and should’ve been approved and vetted months ago.

I want to be able to enjoy what few moments of leisure I can sneak off with.  I don’t want to feel guilty for being fortunate enough or efficient enough that I managed to carve out leisure time in the first place.

I want to be the master of my own time and space.  I am way too old and have paid enough dues not to have to kowtow or worry about fulfilling obligations that are pointless.

In an attempt to cajole me out of this mood, I chose to wear this bright orange shirt from my Target haul.  But since orange is the program’s color, I think I succeeded in depressing myself instead.

july 8

To top it all off, the hubs just informed me that my car is dead which means we need to purchase a new one, stat.  Of course, the best deal we can get in terms of a loan is through my credit union but, guess what?  I’m here in Connecticut.


At least I got new boat shoes.

july 8

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Target
Shorts – F21
Shoes – Rock and Candy @ Marshall’s


6 thoughts on “Yale week 3 :: of continuing dissatisfaction and the snarkiness of old age

  1. Elemem says:

    Relieved to see you maintaining the important things (fashionista blog) and snarking as needed, this way I know you are, in general, doing well. Actually it looks pretty cool there! The orange shirt is tres bon.

    • mtsedwards says:

      So, Ms. L., you gonna cut me a break when I get back and have to jump right into work? ;p You are acting AIC after all.

  2. Ouch. Excruciating. But funny. The bit about the orange tshirt, snort!. I never thought id like boat shoes on anyone but I think I get them on you. It adds to the edge of your experience, embracing an element of the preppy while in agony. Three cheers for that sweet pair rescuing you for the weekend.

    • mtsedwards says:

      “The element of the preppy while in agony.” Love that! And yes, I never got boat shoes either but KS#1 swears by them and urged me to purchase them. They’ll suffice for this trip.

  3. jenortega says:

    I love the light in your dorm room! Won’t the credit union let you manage things from there? Greg is not on your account? Call them! They might work with you. Your car is dead? What happened? Shoes are too cute! How are you going to get all this stuff home?

    • mtsedwards says:

      It’s actually the common room in the suite and I didn’t think it’d work with direct sunlight coming in but my impromptu photographer obviously knew her stuff. They will but we’ll only have 60 days from approval to purchase and you know how my schedule is so wacky. My car was already on its last legs; we knew we’d have to replace it some time this year. Just didn’t think it’d happen so soon. I may have to “leave behind” the towels I packed to make room for my purchases. ;p

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