Yale week 3 :: of solitude, brain candy, and secret stashes

What a difference a night makes.

Before I go on, though, let me preface this entire post by apologizing for my seeming schizophrenia.  One day high; one day low.  I guess it must be true what they say around here: EXPLO time is like dog years – multiplied magnitude so one day plays like one month in the real world.  Therefore, I’m justifying my roller coastering emotional state by invoking EXPLO time.

Anyhow, today feels like the beginning of a better day.  I attribute this to an early evening in, a leisurely shower with no worry of being walked in on (everyone in my suite had duty), paying bills with the hubs via FaceTime and knowing we still have money in the kitty afterwards, watching three episodes of Game of Thrones, and going to bed at a decent hour.

Then, knowing all my observations were fairly close to my dorm, I allowed myself a sleep-in morning and just grabbed a dollar coffee at Atticus to accompany the muffins KS#1 had sent me home with.  Avoiding the Commons and noisy teenagers and heat: priceless.

Mundane? Yes. Solitary? Sure. Just what the doctor ordered? Absolutely!

july 9

Apparently, my succumbing to fear of missing out was doing substantial damage to both my body and my psyche.

I don’t have to prove myself to these twenty-year-olds.  I enjoy the occasional adult beverage but it doesn’t have to happen every single night.  I like developing camaraderie among my workmates but there’s only so much one can talk about when one sees said workmates every single day.

I needed to listen to my body.  I needed time to myself.

Egads! I guess I am truly an introvert! When did that happen?

july 9

Today’s outfit ended up being the exact opposite of yesterday’s.  Whereas yesterday’s bright orange ended up depressing me, today’s monochromatic grey actually lifts my spirits.  It has a lot to do with the comfort factor of cotton on cotton and the slimming effects of a long column of material.  I’m also hoping it will provide a panacea both from bugs and from heat.

Fingers are crossed.

You’ve seen this tee before, but the skirt is a new one from my weekend expedition with KS#1.  I almost didn’t buy it because I feel I own something similar at home, but I’d decided that maxi skirts were a definite necessity so into my cart it went.

I’m wearing my $2 flip flops from Old Navy – another weekend purchase – because I’m done trying to look cute with my footwear.  After seeing what walking in Birkenstocks did to one of my co-worker’s feet (we’re talking serious blisters on the pads of her feet; ouch!) I’ve decided that comfort comes before cuteness.

At least for the summer.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Home is Where the Heart Is @ Threadless
Skirt  – Max Studio @ Marshall’s


5 thoughts on “Yale week 3 :: of solitude, brain candy, and secret stashes

  1. Thumbs up outfit! Maxi skirt looks great on you. As a petite person I fear the maxi skirt will end up killing me on the stairs or commuting but maybe ill get brave. On the notion of explo years, I’m going to use that on my upcoming vacation to make it seven weeks long in my mind. Here’s to those pjs and such for you. Mojitos at 11? Folly.

  2. You’re around people ALL THE TIME. I totally understand how nice it must be to have some time for yourself to do things you want to, when you want to. Glad you had a bit of a chance to relax.

    • mtsedwards says:

      Yes, it was amazing. Now if only I can carve out some time to keep up with other people’s blogs and comment on them – I feel so out of the loop and out of touch. 😦

  3. jenortega says:

    Birkenstocks caused blisters? I thought they were supposed to be foot friendly! Love this pairing of the tee and maxi…you look sooo slim. Wish I could pull that off. All day today, I’ve been catching glimpses of my tummy in profile. No such problem with you. Glad to hear you’ve found the joy of some alone time ; )

    • mtsedwards says:

      And I’m gonna do it again tonight. A Staff is going miniature golfing and B Staff is going to get mojitos at eleven. Guess what I’m gonna be doing? That’s right – pjs, Froot Loops and Game of Thrones, baby! I’m living large!

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