Yale week 3 :: of college tours and coach buses

I will not complain.  I will not complain.

I will simply state facts.

Fact 1: I was on duty – which means working till 11pm – yesterday night when the bomb was dropped on our laps at 8pm: all CAs have to lead college trips the following day.  All trips left no later than 6am.  Trip leaders needed to be ready an hour before scheduled departure.

Fact 2: The D.C. trip happening this weekend is an extended trip.  We have to leave at noon on Friday to be gone through 8pm Sunday.  I have instructor observations and feedback sessions on Friday.  I was told to reschedule all of them to fit into my already-booked Thursday roster.

Fact 3: I’m really, really hooked on Game of Thrones – thanks a lot, KS#1! – and could not stop watching them last night and got to episode 8 of season 1 but also did not go to sleep until 2am and had to wake up at 4am to be ready by 5am for the M.I.T. trip today.

Fact 4: It was another orange staff shirt day today.

Fact 5: Coach buses are air conditioned but lack sufficient leg room, even for my five-foot-nothing self.  Lack of leg room prevents good nap time.

Fact 6: Traffic on the Mass Turnpike is hellacious at 5pm.  We barely got back in time for food at Commons and that was only because I think the bus driver – a nicotine-stained grandpa of a man – had a California crush on me and agreed to drop us off directly in front of the building.  They were packing up the hot dogs as we barreled in.  It was the grossest, fastest meal I have ever eaten.

Fact 7: I have no outfit photos.  If you want to know why, you obviously didn’t read Facts 1, 3 and 4.

Rather, how about some photos from Boston University and M.I.T.?  Fine institutions, both.  Too bad I wasn’t in the market for any at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Yale week 3 :: of college tours and coach buses

  1. sarahesipoly says:

    *sigh* M.I.T. Was my dream school until last year when I really decided what I wanted to do. Such an amazing school.

  2. Clay says:

    You are up late and up early anyway. Sounds like a fun trip to DC! Maybe the old man really wanted a smoke and just wanted to get everybody off asap. Did you ask him for a smoke?

  3. What? Less than 12 hours notice on the college trips business? where to begin on the sub-par management that represents. Way to keep a staff committed and positive. And the facts list apropos to convey the pain of the story, sorry to have laughed at your pain but glad it sounds like you can too with a well developed Game of Thrones coping strategy.

  4. Del says:

    i can’t believe you were around the area! too bad you didn’t have free time!

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