Yale week 3 :: of capitols, mantras and cooler weather

Today, I embark on an extended trip to our nation’s capitol.

It’s “extended” in that we leave on a Friday rather than a Saturday, for which I am eternally grateful.  Of course, had I not had that college trip experience, I would have whinged and moaned about a Friday departure, it taking me away from my routine and all.  But I’ll take a mid-day Friday departure over an early-morning Saturday one any day.

It’s funny how my definition of fine and normal has changed so dramatically within the course of only three weeks.  My definition of hot has also gone through several revisions since I’ve been here.  I vow to remember this revelation for always and use it as a prime example for when I share with my kids one of my favorite mantras: If it’s hard, it means you’re learning.

Also, this place has me stretching my capacity for flexible fortitude.  I don’t know what tomorrow the next five hours will bring, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be some sort of cluster/snafu/chaos that will require rapid-fire decision-making and inventive problem-solving with perhaps a bit of heavy lifting thrown in.  And rather than throw up my hands in despair, I know I will internally roll my eyes and curse the fates for the general incompetence of the world at large but I will also roll up my sleeves – I’d have to, in this heat, eh? – and get shit done.

And I’m gonna do it in a supercute outfit.

july 12

The weather is cooperating today, allowing me to sport this ensemble.  I acknowledge that it is not necessarily a summer outfit, but I am anticipating the 7-hour bus ride later today and the a/c that the coach bus will be sure to have.  All I have to do is make it from an air conditioned office to an air conditioned classroom and then bide my time for the bus ride departing at noon.  No sweat.  Pun intended.

july 12

The top, although long-sleeved, is one of those lightweight cotton deals that is this side of sheer but the fun print mitigates it enough so I don’t need an undershirt.  I tried semi-tucking it, but I haven’t got a proper belt and the Chucks beg for this outfit to run on the more casual end of the spectrum, so unstructured untucked it is.

You would think I’d avoid the color orange with a pole the length of Texas, but I was drawn to this shirt when KS#1 and I went to Old Navy for a hasty flip flop shopping expedition.  And I’m not one to deny my instincts.  Good thing too.  I’m calling this my EXPLO work shirt so I don’t have to don the actual orange monstrosity (y’all know how I feel about t-shirts in general) until I truly have to.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Pants – F21
Shoes – Chucks 


2 thoughts on “Yale week 3 :: of capitols, mantras and cooler weather

  1. Del says:

    Chucks work well with that outfit! Hope your feet didn’t hurt after walking all day…sometimes that happens when I wear chucks!

  2. jenortega says:

    I was wondering about how you’d keep cool in this outfit even though you look adorable. Glad to hear that you will be in the AC. It looks really cute. I might have to look for that top at Old Navy 😉

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