Yale week 4 :: of unforeseen circumstances, countdowns and shlumpy indifference

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men…

I really had intended on keeping up my posts daily; it was a secret personal goal of mine.  I refused to be daunted by the long work days, slapdash scheduling and physical labor.  Sadly, one thing I cannot overcome is lack of internet access, which is exactly what I ran into this weekend on the D.C. trip.  Yeah, yeah, the hotel had it but I was not about to pay x amount of dollars for the three hours of down time we had total in the room.

Never fear, though.  Pictures of our nation’s capitol are coming forthwith and I was able to write lovely commentary for both days on the eight-hour bus ride back, but today, let’s focus on one important thing:


Twenty-nine days, in fact.  The countdown begins.  Of course, how do I celebrate this momentous occasion? By throwing together this most unsatisfactory ensemble.

july 15

This is by far my least favorite look of this adventure but I wanted my Atticus coffee and scone and I had catch-up work to do from being gone this weekend and my closet is woefully uninspiring due to its dearth of clean clothes, so I had neither the time nor the inclination to change the outfit.

In my head, it looked good.

I think I disapprove of the general shlumpiness of the ensemble, what with the bagginess of the pant and the oversized-ness of the shirt. In theory,the shirt will eventually shrink and conform to my actual size, but I have yet to throw it in the wash and therefore have to make do with an XL top that is truly XL.

I tried to mitigate the shirt’s largeness by knotting it on the side – the semi/full tuck didn’t work because the tee is that big! – and throwing on a structured vest, but I think I only succeeded in dating myself.  If the hubby could see me now, he’d ask “Is it 80s day at work?”


july 15

Anyhow, bygones. How about another peek at my co-workers?  This is Tony.  Class clown.  Inveterate cock on the block.  Quick of wit.  Slow to anger.  He’s one of the few folks around here who has a “real job” outside EXPLO – he teaches Social Studies at a private school – and so he has that realistic perspective on how things are run and how they should be run. He’s loud and brash and funny and he plays the yin to Ivan’s yang. Together, they make “ToVan” and their shtick when together is priceless.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Target
Pants – Daisy Fuentes @ Kohl’s
Shoes – Rock & Candy @ Marshall’s


6 thoughts on “Yale week 4 :: of unforeseen circumstances, countdowns and shlumpy indifference

  1. jenortega says:

    Twenty-nine days! You can do it!

  2. Del says:

    Umm, we need to go shopping again! Haha

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