Yale week 5 :: of silences, Keurigs and a slow news day

So I finally have a moment to breathe. The office is deserted. My phone is silent. It is overcast and not humid outside.

It could almost be a perfect day.

I chose not to eat lunch at Commons because a. I wasn’t all that hungry and b. I wasn’t all that sociable-feeling. It’s the first time I’ve done so; usually, I’m all about storing free food camel-style because you never know how long your days will be or what will be asked of you around here. But this is 2nd Session and I’ve been around the block once already. I also know I have an off night which means I’m officially done at 5:30. I think my body can survive a lunch-less day.

The irony, of course, is that I have all this free time for blogging but I have nothing to report. No new/remixed outfits – it was a orange shirt day. No major event to plan or be ordered about for. No crisis that needed resolving.

But I know this is the calm before the storm.

So before the fit hits the shan, I shall take a moment to enjoy the silence. You should too.

july 22

We like to spread the love around here. A Keurig, personalized mugs and thank you notes all around from our amazeballs supervisor. And a Doctor Who note of encouragement I created for my instructors.


2 thoughts on “Yale week 5 :: of silences, Keurigs and a slow news day

  1. sarahesipoly says:

    So did you know that it was Spooner’s Day (the Guy that invented the first consonant mixing of words as showcased by your fit hitting the Shan) or were you just keeping things clean? Because that is a very happy coincidence.

  2. jenortega says:

    The kids LOVED the TARDIS cards : ) Hope your teachers do, too.

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