Yale week 5 :: of Wednesday

Things just got real up in here.

I have been strongly reminded that this blog is called My Closet Catalogue.

Closet. As in wardrobe. As in clothes. As in fashion.

This is not a travel blog or a lifestyle blog or a look-at-my-life-coz-it’s-super-exciting-and-don’t-you-wish-you-lived-it blog.

Fashion blog. Got that? Good.

Today’s inspiration pic is brought to you by Gal Meets Glam c/o Pinterest. I am totes digging the clever use of scarf as unorthodox accessory. Because really, when days are hot and sticky and muggy, the last thing you want to do is wrap material around your neck, no matter how light or flimsy. You do, however, need to get your hair off your neck, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

july 24

Unfortunately, hair is not my forte, and after several frustrated and failed attempts, I opted out of the scarf and just ran with the simplicity of a white shirt/denim combo.

I think I’m either stretching the dickens out of this pair or losing weight, though, because these shorts feels loose and baggy. I’d much rather have worn this outfit with these, but I guess then it would’ve just been a repeat. And we all know how I feel about repeats.

I think that one needs a specific white shirt to pull off the vibe of this look. It definitely needs to be cotton, but not jersey. I’d like to suggest linen or a linen blend but the wrinkles would drive me crazy, so instead, I’d look for one that has a less structured and more gauzy hand to it.

Case in point: take a look at the same outfit employing a white shirt in two different fabric weights:

july 24

It’s a bit challenging photographing white, especially indoors against a white background, but I think there’s a clear distinction between the two.

Which do you prefer?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Merona @ Target
Shorts – Apt. 9 @ Kohl’s
Belt – Target


One thought on “Yale week 5 :: of Wednesday

  1. jenortega says:

    I liked the comparison of the two different white shirts : )

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