Yale week 5 :: of stripes on a rainy Thursday

It is currently 61 degrees and overcast.

There is a strong possibility of precipitation.

I am a giddy schoolgirl.

Today, I will tromp around New Haven and pretend it’s fall. And I’ll be wearing the only fall-like outfit I can cobble together with the remaining clean clothes I’ve got.

july 25

Yes, those are my workout pants. It’s quite telling that the few clean pieces I’ve got are exercise gear, isn’t it?

The top is a lovely $3 Gap find from the thrift store. I threw it in my suitcase on a whim; I’d been wearing it regularly back home, and it’s the comfiest, softest tee I own. I thought it would do for pajamas in a pinch if I hadn’t done laundry. I didn’t think it’d be cool enough to wear it beyond the bedroom.

I guess it’s true, then, what they say about buying high-end pieces. Granted, most people wouldn’t necessarily consider Gap “high-end”, but it’s certainly a step up from Old Navy price point-wise. Apparently, it’s a step up in quality as well. Think on this: if I bought this at a thrift store, it must have been thoroughly loved and washed multiple times already. I, in turn, have loved and washed it quite a lot too. And it’s still going strong.

july 25

I appreciate the slight belling of the sleeve and the casual v-neck. Together with the stripe, they make for a very beachy, California vibe. Considering what I wore yesterday, I must be feeling geographically homesick, eh? Good thing A Staff went on an impromptu beach trip to Lighthouse Point yesterday. Popeye’s chicken, twenty sauces and a good bottle of vino did much to assuage my beach longing.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Gap @ Community Thrift
Leggings – F21
Shoes – my trusty Chucks


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