Yale week 5 :: of aftermaths, recovery and gingham style

Today was Emily’s birthday but we celebrated it last night.


I don’t know how indiscreet I can be without getting in trouble, but suffice to say the celebration was the brain child of Team Tovan – half of who used to belong to a fraternity, so you do the math – and it involved the roof of the parking garage, PBR, and multiple events to make up the Soule Olympiad. We even had the Olympics theme song, a flag and salutations all around to begin the festivities.

It was a late night all around, so it was no surprise that we all zombied our way through work today. The continuing cold snap contributed mightily to this general lethargy. Emily, however, was the trooper that she always is and she powered through with her usual spunk and sass.

I think the surprise birthday goodies in her office helped, even though the balloons had lost their helium from the night before and their deflation, coupled with the confetti, made it look, in the eternal words of Tony Zupancic, “like a stripper threw up in here”.

july 26

In keeping with the tone and weather of the day, and in anticipation of my imminent departure to Massachusetts and KS#1, I donned my most comfortable outfit. And you are in for a treat, my friends, because Emily turned the tables and snapped some shots of me. No selfies today!

july 26

The gingham is navy blue, I swear. It’s just the light that makes it seem black. And don’t you love that lanyard as a statement piece? Yeah, it totally cramps my style to the point that I’ve just packed up all the necklaces I brought because there’s no reason to have them out and taunting me.

july 26

Also, I broke down and purchased a Yale sweatshirt yesterday. I had debated whether or not to buy the stitched version and had already paid for the printed one when something in me – or KS#2, if truth be told – said the extra $5 is worth the better quality, so I exchanged it and was thoroughly satisfied with my purchase, especially up on the parking garage roof at 1am.

And because I am crazy and did my laundry when we got back at 2am, I had freshly-washed warmness ready to battle today’s inclement weather.

Here’s hoping this cool weather lasts for at least my D.C. trip next weekend. But that’s next weekend. For now, let’s rejoice that it’s my weekend off and I get to sleep in a real bed tonight.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – F21
Jeans – Jennifer Lopez @ Kohl’s
Shoes – Really? Must I?


One thought on “Yale week 5 :: of aftermaths, recovery and gingham style

  1. […] I got the fam and the three skirts I got on eBay last week when I was feeling low. Also, that Yale sweatshirt is a pretty bulky […]

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