Yale 5th weekend :: of bangs, lobster rolls and the Wolverine

To say this Saturday was perfect would not be hyperbole.

I know I’ve said it before about my last weekend off, but this was true So. Cal. style perfection, and I’ll give you three reasons:

  1. Salon
  2. Shopping
  3. Wolverine

The day began with a thorough sleep-in; I actually got eight hours in. Then off to the ZONA salon to redeem our Groupon. KS#1 got a haircut and color – she’s now a redhead – and I got bangs. Only time will tell if I’ll be able to style it as well as the gal.

july 27

After an amazeballs lunch of lobster rolls from Tony’s Clam Shop, we went to the mall for a planned shopping/returns expedition. But because we’d spent longer at the salon than we’d intended – four hours, which is apparently how long it takes to process hair color – we needed a plan of attack to maximize time and still make it back for dinner and the movie.

We hit H&M, Forever 21, Macy’s, and Target. I returned over fifty dollars’ worth of stuff at Target and had store credit at F21 so all in all, my purchases came out to around $50, even though the items below were bought at retail rather than sale price.

The biggest splurge was the coat, but it’s way more reasonable than the $150 I had been planning on spending for the J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket I’d been eyeing ever since Emily wore it.

The only hiccup to the day was when we went to the theatre and realized that KS#1 had gotten yesterday tickets for tonight’s show when she’d exchanged the pre-purchased 3D ones for 2D. The manager who’d helped her was thoroughly apologetic and gave us replacement tickets for the midnight show as well as free passes.

And can I just say, my friends, that the movie was well worth the wait?  I mean, come on – Hugh Jackman and Japan?! FTW.


One thought on “Yale 5th weekend :: of bangs, lobster rolls and the Wolverine

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