Yale 5th weekend :: of the light at the end of the tunnel

It’s a sign of things drawing to a close when I’m thinking about packing.

Today, KS#1 and I headed for TJ Maxx. She needed no-show socks and I went along for the ride. (Of course, I browsed the aisles and almost purchased a pair of black Chucks for half price, but they were a size too big and $24.95 is just not worth not wearing something. )

Anyhow, I’d initially bought a hair dryer with the intent of styling my new ‘do, but as we were heading out the door, I thought about packing it in my suitcase and I turned right around and returned it. In this frame of mind, I did a quick inventory of all the things I’ve bought and I’m starting to worry. Even if I did leave the pillow and towels as I’d planned, I may be in trouble in terms of space and/or weight.

Not that I’ve gone hog wild with shopping, but I may have forgotten to mention the pasalubong I got the fam and the three skirts I got on eBay last week when I was feeling low. Also, that Yale sweatshirt is a pretty bulky item.

Still, my growing concern is laced with anticipation. In 13 days, I’ll be done with EXPLO. In 16 days, I’ll be home.

No more eighteen-hour workdays. No more shower flip flops. No more humidity. No more mosquito bites.

I will have my kids. I will have my husband. I will have my bed. And I will once again have access to my closet.



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