Yale week 6 :: of faux fashion and remix #1

This is not what I’m wearing today.

july 29

But over the glorious weekend, KS#1 and I conducted an extensive mixing and matching of all my new purchases which she captured with her badass camera. We came up with so many combinations that I think I’m set for the rest of my time here sans real world closet.

So although some of the outfits may not be weather-appropriate, and although most of them make use of items that do not belong to me (I raided KS#1’s closet for shoes and accessories), I present to you, my friends, the fruits of our labor.

Recreate today’s offering with a billowy sleeveless white blouse with enough detail – note the pleats at the neckline and the cunning buttons of this piece – to create visual interest. Continue the intrigue with a nautical striped pencil skirt in summer jersey. Also, nothing says summer than a pair of crocheted espadrilles.

july 29

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – H&M
Skirt – H&M
Shoes – borrowed from KS#1 (simsim, sim)


One thought on “Yale week 6 :: of faux fashion and remix #1

  1. I like how you balanced out the billowy shirt with the slim skirt. I think that would be a great more-dressed-up-than-normal summer ensemble!

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