Yale week 6 :: of linking up and remix #2

What a difference the details make!

Take today’s offering, for instance. It’s basically the exact same outfit as yesterday’s but dare I say it looks completely different? It’s my version of day-to-night experimentation. And really, I only switched out two things and added one. You can play spot the difference right now then come back to me after the break for confirmation.

july 30

The fuchsia blazer is the obvious addition. I definitely wanted a pop of color and the top’s neckline really confounded me as to what kind of statement necklace to incorporate, so I opted to infuse color with a completer piece instead, although this meant sweltering in the heat wearing it.

Ah, the sacrifices I make for fashion!

The shoes are the second most obvious change. Of course you’d wear heels if you wanted a gussied-up outfit, but these black pumps are sedate enough for even the workplace. I found the exact pair online but would probably choose the leather over the suede.

july 30

Anyone figure out the third difference yet? My bad, really, for not taking close-up shots. But if you guessed earrings, you’re absolutely right. Switch out plain silver hoops for fancy teardrop pearl ones and you’re good to go.

By the way, I’m participating in Audrey’s One Piece Many Ways thingie and I’m tempted to make a collage with the three other outfits I came up with utilizing this particular top, but that would mean spending it all on one place, and that, in turn, would require extra work on my part.

So you all just get the first two outfits. But stay tuned to the rest of the remixes and the return of what is turning out to be my fave top of the summer.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – H&M
Skirt – H&M
Pumps – Joan & David


One thought on “Yale week 6 :: of linking up and remix #2

  1. Del says:

    Like this outfit a lot! Btw, the blazer was from Piperlime.com 🙂

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