Yale week 7 :: of longing for fall to come already

Even though there’s a high probability that I look like a prison bee, I present you with today’s ensemble:

august 6I’d debated buying this sweater in a large and now, seeing it in action, I realize I made the wiser choice in purchasing the medium. Although I’m a big fan of Team Oversized, I think you have to be judicious with it when you’re dealing with stripes. Particularly horizontal ones. Particularly wide, horizontal ones.

Wearing something slim-fitting in contrast does mitigate the volume. I love these pants from H&M, in case I’ve not said so yet. Well worth the $30 I spent on them. Normally, colored pants don’t warrant more than the $19.99 I spend at F21, but I’m a sucker for yellow and the fabric of this pair is a notch above my usual. It’s got give but it’s not baggy so I get the same effect of skinny jeans without feeling like an encased sausage. I already foresee getting my money’s worth come fall.

august 6

To elongate the look, I chose these Hive and Honey booties. I dig the pointy toes and the faux buckle detail. I also dig the fact that I own this exact same pair and therefore can definitely recreate this look when I go home.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Sweater – F21
Pants – H&M
Booties – Hive and Honey @ ideeli (sim, sim, sim)


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