WIT :: of reflections and reinventions

As I sit here on the last day of my east coast adventure, in the stillness of a space sans kids/husband/dog/work/tv/responsibility, I realize that I have once again reached a milestone.

Think on it, my friends: under the direst of circumstances – minimal options, uncooperative weather, 14-hour shifts – I succeeded in maintaining this blog every single day. For seven weeks.

I think that’s a pretty praiseworthy feat.

Oh, sure, sometimes the posts were hours, sometimes even days, late. And yeah, some of the posts had nothing to do with fashion. But I did it. I stuck to it. And for those who know me well, six and a half months and 173 consecutive posts is like till death do us part status.

So I guess I’m committing. This blog, borne of spontaneity and boredom, is gonna keep on plugging.

But I think it’s time to shake things up a bit. My novelty barometer is dipping and in order to keep this baby afloat, I’m gonna have to make some changes.

  1. No more week/day markers – Starting from blog inception, I’d been noting number of week (in the subject line) and number of day (as a tag) since the first post. I have a stats page that does this for me, though, and doing this publicly seems a bit pompous and ridiculous, so I’m ditching it. This means I have more room for longer, more creative/informative subject lines.
  2. WIT (What I’m Thinking) and OOTD (Outfit of the Day) – Speaking of subject lines, I know some of you come for the photos more while others prefer the words. I’ve struggled with this dichotomy since building my readership and I think I’ve come up with a compromise: How’s about I mark it up top when I’m feeling particularly verbose/whiny/reflective, so if you just came for fashion photos, you can skip the day’s post entirely? Doing this gives me the freedom and the permission to vary content and not feel tethered to a specific routine. I think I’d stick to doing this longer if I didn’t have so many self-imposed restrictions, don’t you?
  3. To theme or not to theme? – They’ve kept me focused and this may be a moot point once I have full access to my closet, but I’m thinking the concept of following a weekly theme is pretty tethering. Sometimes, I won’t have the opportunity to be thematic (Yale, anyone?) and I need to be able to tell myself it’s okay to deviate. The jury is still out on this change; we’ll see how I feel when I settle into my real world.
  4. Eliminate date/time stamp pressure – Before, I was thoroughly OCD about making sure a post went out at 8:30am PST every day. Then my summer adventure. And that went out the window. So in the same way I once gave up guilt for Lent then never looked back, I’m gonna surrender to the whims of life, and as long as I publish something each day, I’m calling it good to go.
  5. Pinterest – Remember how this all began because of Pinterest? Well, it’s been a while since I even visited my boards, let alone used anything off them. I’m thinking of going back to basics and utilizing that resource once more, especially on the weeks when I got nothing in terms of themes.

And that makes a good segue into today’s pics. I dug deep, scrolled all the way through 560 pins on my My Style board, and found some looks that are ripe for the duping. In less than 24 hours, I will once again have access to my closet. Hallelujah!





5 thoughts on “WIT :: of reflections and reinventions

  1. Paul Huang says:

    Finally, I get to hand you the PeeCee and reclaim my storage space.

  2. Thunderous applause for continuing every single day. Maybe coincidence, adding to the day’s joy, I just noticed Target previewed the Philip Lim collection soon to be in stores. Not a purse-person, or a stampede the fashion opening-person, but his have me marking my calendar.

  3. Del says:

    Can’t wait to see how u style the other goodies we bought!! Miss u already! Xoxo

  4. Elba Ortega says:

    Yay, all these are dupe worthy. I like them a lot, esp. the tomato red pieces 🙂 Congrats on sticking to it – very impressive!

  5. jenortega says:

    So excited that you are coming home! I might dupe some of these outfits, if you don’t mind. Super cute ; )

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