OOTD :: of heatwaves and feeling fat

Apparently I brought the hot weather with me.

My lovely team members were quick and ready to mention ad nauseam that California had experienced unseasonably cool summer days while I was away and today’s sweltering 95 degrees Fahrenheit was one of the hottest of the month.

Of course. Why did I expect any differently? I have no clout with the weather gods. Perhaps because I whinge about it so frequently?

The good news is that the a/c works like gangbusters in my classroom, so even though I had to move furniture and put up posters, I still managed to stay cool. Today’s outfit helps with that too.

august 15

I love how the jersey of the skirt and the cotton modal of the top make the perfect combination of easy, breezy comfort. I also adore the cute strappiness of the sandals, even though it was partially masked by the maxi’s length.

august 15

Of course, the lack of structure in this ensemble garnered me an apologetic “yes” from one of my colleagues when I asked her point blank if I looked like I gained weight over the summer. At least, I’m hoping it was the a lack of structure. I know I put on a few because of the generous amounts of alcohol I’d imbibed, but I was kinda hoping it was all water weight and that getting back to my normal eating routine would flatten me out in no time.

I’m giving myself a couple of weeks of high protein/low carb/minimal alcohol/portion controlled eating before I go into full-fledged panic mode. But I’m keeping my size 8s just in case…

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Old Navy
Skirt – Old Navy
Sandals – Montego Bay Club @ Payless (sim, sim, sim)


2 thoughts on “OOTD :: of heatwaves and feeling fat

  1. jenortega says:

    You didn’t look like you gained weight to me : ( You know I would find a nice way to tell you. I just thought you smelled pretty.

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