OOTD :: of back to work and whimsical seahorses

So the brilliant news is that I got my photographer back. (Shout out to Sarah Solar!)

The bad news is that I didn’t preview the pics until after she’d left and so didn’t notice the dress-like nature of this size L shirt.

august 19

It’s one from the Merona Favorite Shirt collection at Target, and I try to get each new print as it comes out because I swear by these shirts. They never shrink, have minimal wrinkling if taken out of the dryer immediately and have perfect button placement so it doesn’t gap in all the wrong places.

But apparently, they flare out like a bad bell bottom pre-laundry.

Trust me on this.

I’m just lucky I got a couple of shots with my hands in pockets so it mitigated the flare. Otherwise, the prevalent rumor of my being pregnant would have gained even more clout.

august 19

I adore the cunning little seahorse print on this shirt. Both KS#1 and 2 had told me nay, but I just couldn’t resist. Of course, BFF thought they were breast cancer ribbons until she looked up close, and not that I don’t support breast cancer awareness, but maybe I should’ve listened to my sisters? I have issues with wearing anything with words/agenda-oriented. I’m a very conservative person in that regard.

august 19

After previewing all my Sarah Solar shots and cringing every time I saw the shirt flare, I trotted over to T-Pang and ordered him to snap replacement photos of me with a half tuck. Not my best work – some shirts lend themselves more easily to the half tuck than others and I bemoan the lack of belt – but I think the latter photos give me more shape. Plus, you get a peek at our chemistry classroom; too bad the collage cropped out the beakers and test tubes.

It’s a non-student work day which is why I’m still sporting the faded denim and casual sandals. Tomorrow is D-day and I should be back in true form. Back to school indeed!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Merona @ Target
Jeans – Simply Vera @ Kohl’s
Sandals – Montego Bay Club @ Payless (sim, sim, sim)

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2 thoughts on “OOTD :: of back to work and whimsical seahorses

  1. Very cute outfit, I love the shoes!

  2. jenortega says:

    I especially like the shirt with the half tuck : )

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