OOTD :: of long days, longer afternoons and the long haul

august 20 picstitch(16)

august 20

I had these pics all snapped and collaged by first block today.

I was all prepped and ready to upload and post.

And then life happened.

And now it’s 20:30 PST and I forgot my Macbook charger at school and I’m down to the teens in battery percentage and I still don’t have an outfit created for tomorrow. Also, did I mention that I can’t fit into any of my pencil skirts and skinnies because of all the adult beverages I consumed while at Yale? Which clearly makes creating outfits that much more challenging and that much less fun.


So I think I’m stuck wearing dresses until I can get back to my normal body. I’m not allowed to use the “f” word because it’s so damaging to my self-image, so my ongoing theme until I can fit my clothes again is called Rescue Month as opposed to Fat Month.

That is, I’m gonna go back to eating healthy, watching portions and putting myself through a rigorous exercise program in order to rescue my closet from a complete and exorbitantly expensive overhauling. I’m also planning on rescuing all the dresses and maxi skirts that have languished in the depths of my closet because they’re they only pieces I’ve got that are forgiving enough to accommodate the new me.

I hear it takes twice as long to lose what it took you to gain, so I’m realistically looking at the beginning of November before I can make full use of my wardrobe. I hope you still stick with me, my friends. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Merona @ Target
Jacket – Mossimo Supply Co. @ Target
Shoes – Target (sim, sim, sim)
Necklace – eBay (just do a  search for J. Crew bubble necklace knockoff)

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5 thoughts on “OOTD :: of long days, longer afternoons and the long haul

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  3. Very cute outfit, I love the necklace!

  4. jenortega says:

    I think it takes twice as long to fall out of love…not lose weight!

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