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august 22

august 22

august 22

My usual power dress code with the highest happiness quotient is normally a blazer/white button up/pencil skirt or trouser combo. But what to do when my pencil skirts and trousers don’t zip up at the mo’?

Dresses to the rescue, of course! Specifically trapeze/swing dresses.

This little number is from the Jovovich-Hawk GO collection at Target several seasons ago. I don’t know the actual number of seasons ago, and therein lies the story of this dress. I’d bought it then, when it was on the market, paying retail for it because I thought it fun and flirty.

But then it got eclipsed by this dress, which had the same cut but was a lot more conservative and sedate in terms of print. Also, I think I went through a classic phase when everything had to be black or white or neutral, and the fun flirtiness of the floral suddenly felt juvenile and jejune, especially because of the polka dot/floral combo and the generous application of ruffles.

Eventually, I stopped wearing it and it got culled in one of my fits of pique after having been worn a measly one time.

Fast forward to June of this year. I was trawling my usual blogger sites and stumbled on a post about the Jason Wu for Target collection. I’d not picked up anything from that collection, but it made me think of Jovovich-Hawk and I got nostalgic and next thing you know, good ol’ eBay grants me a second chance at my floral print dress. This time around, I appreciate its boho chic-ness and the bold pattern mixing.

The moral of this story: what goes around comes around. Which is my sad, sick way of justifying my overfull closet and my extreme reticence to cull. Do you blame me?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Jovovich-Hawk for Target via eBay
Sandals – Brash @ Payless

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