OOTD :: of dropped stitches and inconvenience

august 23

august 23

august 23

Someone remind me that holey, dropstitch sweaters and office paraphernalia are mortal enemies, m’kay?

I must’ve snagged this top on everything from the hooks of hanging file folders to the various pens standing at attention in coffee mugs on my desk (pesky buggers)!

I shouldn’t complain, though, since it’s one of the few items in my closet that is both camouflaging of my beer gut and warm-weather appropriate. And to think it was in my cull pile from a couple weeks ago. Sorry, KS#2 – I think I’m reclaiming this one!

The jeans are a faded navy/almost grey from Old Navy. The color is truest in the detail collage. Totally digging the zippers and loving the fact that they’re the perfect length on my fun-sized frame. No alterations needed.

And how about those shoes, hrm? Snakeskin brogues? Me likey likey! Too bad the stitching across the vamp sets my feet aflame with each painful, Brothers Grimm’s Little Mermaid-esque step.

The outfit as a whole was neutral to the point of bland so I injected a bit of color via my headband which one of my students thought was a designer brand (Stacy? Tracy? Something?) but is really an old purchase from a fabu etsy seller. It’s reversible, by the way, and I’ve worn its flip side here.

I like this look. It’s a perfect Friday ensemble, especially since I had a personal non-student day while the school counselor took my children away to do career stuff. No need to be Ms. Fancy Pants today. Got paid to be casual and comfy and write lesson plans. Woot!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Sweater – ideeli (sim, sim, sim)
Pants – Old Navy
Shoes – Naturalizer (sim, sim, sim)
Headband – Paosales @ etsy

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6 thoughts on “OOTD :: of dropped stitches and inconvenience

  1. Very cute, I love that sweater!

  2. Del says:

    I like this outfit! Nice pop of color with the headband 🙂

  3. cute outfit, the jumper looks so warm

    Love if you checked out my blog

    Mimi x.

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