WIT :: of wristlets, clutches and purses

So what’s the difference?

Or a better question: which do I need?

I figure this is one item I can definitely see spending a decent amount of money on. I keep thinking about my Coach wallet that I bought before my children were born. I paid $50 for it at the outlets and back then, I thought I was a big spender. But the money was well worth it; the wallet has lasted me all this time and it is the one thing I own that I consider an heirloom piece, it’s been with me that long.

Anyhow, I am willing to fork over some serious cash for a wristlet/clutch/purse as long as I’m guaranteed that it’ll serve me as well and as long as my wallet. KS#1 and I did a purse inventory yesterday, and we discovered that I have all the neutrals covered in the way of everyday purses/laptop conveyors. She tells me I need smaller receptacles for when I go to lunch with the girls and don’t necessarily want to lug my Longchamp tote to the restaurant.

But I’ve never been a purse person and I don’t even know where to begin. KS#1 says I need at least a crossbody but KS#2 says I just need a wristlet to hold my phone, wallet and lipstick.

Here are my choices for the latter, all from eBay because I’m all about the bargains.

So what say you, my friends? Wristlet or crossbody? If the former, do any of the ones above strike your fancy?

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