OOTD :: of little black tops and themes redux

august 26

august 26

august 26

So even though black is the least photogenic of colors – yes, it’s not even a color; I get you! – it is the first color in my closet.

(Of course I color coordinate my closet. Don’t you?)

And since I am going back to my roots and using what I currently have in my closet rather than purchasing new things, I felt the easiest way to do so would be to take it in order, from left to right. And since the first thing I see when I walk into my closet is my array of tops, I figure that’s as good a spot to start as any.

The theme, then, for this week is the Little Black Top.

I forgot I had this particular item and am glad it gets its day in the sun. How could I have forgotten how slimming a wide waistband could be? Couple this with lovely batwing sleeves and a sexy cowl neckline and you’ve got yourself  a classy piece, perfect for work or noshing indiscriminately at a buffet. I need to make sure this top gets in my regular rotation.

You would think I’d learn from this post and hike up that skirt a little more. It looks much better when I show more leg. But I also think that perhaps it looks better in this iteration anyway because of the fabulous shoe.

Even though it’s not my usual stiletto and therefore doesn’t have the leg-lengthening capabilities of a stiletto, it does show more skin than booties and allows the eye a break from all that black. I’m so glad KS#1 spied this at Macy’s and I’m even more glad that I had the wherewithal and luck to hunt it down and find it at my Macy’s here. (They hadn’t had it in my size back east nor online.)

And yes, that is a pencil skirt I’m wearing. One of the many that I’d tried on early last week and felt thoroughly depressed that I couldn’t zip up. And yes, this one’s zipped up. All the way. I guess I was just having a period of bloat, if you know what I mean.

So crisis averted.

Still, this doesn’t mean I stop my healthy living routine. I’m still going to do the T-Pang workout and I’m still munching on fruits and veggies and pita bread. But at least my closet is no longer dead to me. Can I hear a “woot-woot!”?

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – NY&Co. (sim, sim, sim)
Skirt – F21 (sim, sim, sim)
Shoes – American Rag Carllie @ Macy’s
Necklace – Target

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2 thoughts on “OOTD :: of little black tops and themes redux

  1. The top is very cute..i like blouse-on tops because of how comfy they are..

  2. jenortega says:

    I can’t believe your heading wasn’t, “LOOK! A pencil skirt!” That was the first thing I thought!

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