What I bought :: August 2013

1 – H&M biker pants – Currently $34.95, I bought these for a steal when they were doing their $10 promo. Got them in this color and a dark grey/almost black. Can’t wait to wear them with moto boots once the weather turns.

2 – H&M blazer – Another $10 steal. Have worn it already in this outfit. Sure, I have as many black blazers as I do white button-up shirts but they’re my power MO, doncha know. Plus, $10. I mean, can you blame me?

3 – H&M blazer – Yep, you guessed it. Really, would you have passed up blazers for $10? Not bloody likely.

4 – H&M chiffon blouse – This was the item I picked up for KS#1 and I lucked out and found the last one in my size so I bought one too. Currently sold out online, KS#1 tells me it’s also impossible to find in brick and mortars in her neck of the woods (thus the reason I bought one for her over here). Am feeling rather smug for having scored this piece.

5 – H&M maxi skirt – Yes, I paid full price, but I’ve been wanting a black chiffon maxi for quite some time. Full disclosure: I bought this one even though it’s a jersey because of the pockets, but I got another version in chiffon with a full-length liner. I’m gonna see which one wins: chiffon with liner but no pockets or jersey with half liner with pockets. I’ll return the other. I swear.

6 – ASOS quilted purse – It fits wonderfully in my Longchamp bag and is a nice neutral. At under $25, I think it’ll prove to be a worthy purchase.

7 – lot of tuxedo/button-up shirts – One is Gap, another is Banana Republic and the last is Renfrew. An eBay purchase for $30 plus shipping. The crappy thing? I had them sent to New Haven because I forgot to change over my address from when I had stuff shipped over the summer. So I may have to pay another shipping fee, but $15 a shirt considering the brands is still decent. My thrifting BFF may not agree, however…

8 – J. Crew tuxedo shirt – Another eBay buy. Same story with shipping. But the gal was kind enough to ship parcel post so it only cost me an extra $2 to reship to me.

9 – Ann Marino Eureka – Did I tell you I returned my Enzos (worn here and here)? They just weren’t worth the pain, myriad compliments from the blogosphere and in real life notwithstanding. (Thank God for Nordy’s phenomenally generous return policy. I just mailed them back yesterday. Let’s see if they really do give me a refund even though the shoes were purchased a year ago and worn.) Anyhow, I had to have a replacement. Am waiting for these to come and will definitely walk around in them before I commit.

Overall, I was under my monthly budget and am feeling pretty good about each piece. Of course, several of them have yet to come in the mail and I may end up returning the booties, but that’s a good thing too coz then I’ll definitely be under. And the hubby is talking about renovating our master suite next. Perhaps I should curtail the spending? I sure would love to get rid of the carpet in the bathroom…

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2 thoughts on “What I bought :: August 2013

  1. Solar says:

    The number of H&M items made me thirsty. My level of want is now sufficient enough to actually go spend my store credit. ^0^ woo!

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