WIT :: of Gwynnie Bee and Netflix-for-clothes companies

So I caved last week and signed up for a free 30-day trial at Gwynnie Bee.

Yes, it’s target demographic is the plus-sized gal – the smallest number offered is 10. But we all know I have linebacker shoulders and a nonexistent waist. Plus, at the time I caved, I was going through the throes of my bloating woes. So I felt perfectly comfortable sending for my first three items.

Yesterday, I received my first box.

Now, there are enough bloggers out there who’ve reviewed the site; just do a quick Google search.  And since I’m not really into packaging nor have I experienced much customer service to have an opinion one way or another, I think I’ll just talk about the clothes.

I’d started with 18 items – mostly dresses and a few tops – in my closet but I wasn’t given the opportunity to choose which ones I’d get first. It was therefore a complete surprise to find these:

gwynnie bee

The verdict? Although all of them were pretty good in terms of quality, only the blue top fit well enough that it looked like a deliberate purchase. The two dresses were very obviously plus size; that is, I felt they were at least one, if not two sizes too big on me.

I was particularly disappointed in the black. I’m always on the lookout for a shift dress and on the model, it looks like it fit as one. But in reality, it’s not a true a-line – there was a slight curve where the waist is – and it was the more egregious of the dresses in terms of my swimming in it.

The green, being a forgiving, heavier-weight cotton, was actually a comfortable fit. I didn’t feel like I had to suck in, and my push-up bra helped fill the top. Sadly, the color wasn’t as vibrant as I’d expected, and the cotton looked pilly (which shouldn’t have been a surprise since the company makes no secret of their clothes being pre-worn althoug well-laundered). I knew I had 15 more items in my closet and only 23 days more of my free trial so I decided it wasn’t a keeper.

Both dresses went back immediately in the postage-paid blue envelopes. I’m thinking I’ll style the blue top for work on Tuesday but I don’t love it enough to want to keep it for longer than that.

I’m still reserving judgment on whether I’m sticking with this company or not. At $79/month for 3 garments (actually it’s $85 coz they tack on tax), I feel there’s not enough selection for it to be worth it. And really, let’s face it: I don’t think I’m a true plus size. But I am going to ride out the rest of my trial period, if only because I love getting packages in the mail and being able to stick my tongue out at the hubby and say, “But it’s free!” when he rolls his eyes.

There are other sites that offer the same kind of service and I’m debating whether I want to try them out. Unfortunately, both Couture Squared and Le Tote do not let you choose your items; rather, you have to fill out a survey and they send you items sight unseen based on your answers. And neither offer free trials.

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3 thoughts on “WIT :: of Gwynnie Bee and Netflix-for-clothes companies

  1. sarahesipoly says:

    No. Don’t waver on your decision you made the other day. Stop it.

  2. jenortega says:

    I can’t believe that you tried the plus size thing! You talk of line backer shoulders, but you maybe….maybe….where an 8 in dresses! I could have told you things wouldn’t fit well. Stick to blouses for the rest of your trial period, silly!

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