OOTD :: of back to work and blue zebras

september 3

september 3

september 3

I was told in no uncertain terms that I am not a plus size.

Then why does this plus-size top feel tight across the chest?

Yes, my friends, this is the one lone top that I kept from my first Gwynnie Bee haul, and now that I’ve put it in action, it’s not as well-fitting as I thought.

Perhaps it’s because I’m wearing my push-up bra. Perhaps the accompanying cami makes the outer layer shift overmuch. Perhaps I’m just being too picky.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad I didn’t actually purchase this because I’d be feeling a monumental sense of buyer’s remorse right now. It’s a beautiful blue and the shape and length are right up my alley, but the fit is off. And in my current mindset – one which I hope I maintain and which I may expand upon in a later post – fit is paramount.

Regardless of my dissatisfaction, I do like how I styled this top. The white jean is a no-brainer; it picks up the white in the top and together, the ensemble feels fresh and breezy.

The blouse’s bold, almost-animal print called for understated shoes, however. I’d toyed with the idea of blue shoes but that would’ve been too matchy-matchy. A pop-of-color heel in yellow or orange would’ve detracted from the top. So nude pumps won out.

I could’ve left well enough alone at that point, but I’ve become completely brainwashed by the idea of dressing in threes, and since it’s still too warm for a third layer of clothing, I opted for a third layer via jewelry. I’m excited to find a blue bracelet that looks like it was meant to be with the top, and I continued the silver motif with a simple necklace.

I’m returning this top today and giving Gwynnie Bee one more chance but I think friends and family have me convinced that this company just isn’t for me.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Investments II @ Gwynnie Bee
Jeans – Old Navy (sim, sim, sim)
Shoes – Fioni @ Payless (sim, sim, sim)
Bracelet – Old Navy
Necklace – Target

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