OOTD :: of foresight and switcheroos

september 4

september 4

september 4

This was supposed to be Friday’s outfit.

You can tell from the simplicity of the foundation: button-up shirt, skinnies and loafers.

I was actually all dressed in the initial ensemble, putting on my face, when it dawned on me that this Friday is GNO and that usually means pedis with BFF.

The last time I wore skinnies to the salon, I had to take them off and sit in the chair in my skivvies with a towel draped over my lap just so I could take advantage of the leg massage.

Yeah, not doing that again.

So I switched out my Wednesday for Friday and this is the result. Thank goodness I’ve mastered the half-tuck; in my opinion, implementing it elevates any outfit from casual to chic. It’s lends shape and structure and is “very editorial”, as Nina Garcia would say.

And I swear the stripes in the top are blue, just a dark navy. I thought they wouldn’t translate well in photos, however, so I emphasized the blue theme with my bright cobalt skinnies and threw the necklace on for good measure.

Not the most thrilling offering, my friends, but how much you wanna bet I’ll get the most views and/or comments on this post? It always happens that way…

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Top – Tobi
Jeans – Old Navy
Shoes – MIA @ Kohls (sim, sim, sim)
Necklace – Old Navy

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One thought on “OOTD :: of foresight and switcheroos

  1. The cobalt blue is a great complement with your skin tone and hair! Funny about wearing skinny pants to get pedis – last time I wore jeans to get a pedi and I had to shove them up to just below my knees. I thought I was cutting off my circulation, haha.

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