OOTD :: of sunshine and giraffes

september 9

september 9

september 9

Thank Buddha for Gwynnie Bee!

Even if I’m not pursuing a membership past my free trial, I must say it has been a lifesaver with regards to theme. For some odd reason, every package I receive only ever has one item out of three that actually fits me which thus becomes the foundation of my week by default. After all, I want to wear the one, lone item as quickly as possible so I can exchange it for something else in my closet.

This time around, the keeper is a fun giraffe print frock. I know I’ve done Leopard Week before, which is perilously close to an animal print theme and we know how I hate repeating myself, so I had to come up with something not so derivative of me.

Thus, my friends, this week I present to you: Sunny Safari.

That is, I’m going to be wearing all kinds of jungle animal prints this week but will also inject a bit of yellow somewhere in each ensemble. Sunny. Sun. Yellow. Get it? Got it? Good. It’s cheesy, but I always love me a good alliterative phrasing.

Because this dress is so bold on its own, I am happy to report that it needed very little embellishing. I did eschew the accompanying self-tie belt and replaced it with a yellow skinny number of my own. (Snakeskin, in keeping with the motif.) But I chose to keep everything else sedate to take advantage of the fun print.

I toyed with pairing it with yellow heels but feared I’d be too matchy-matchy. Plus, I think my feet still need more recovery time, so my trusty Seychelles wedges come to the rescue. I think they add a whimsical, retro vibe to the whole outfit with their perforated detail and weathered leather.

I feel like a cross between Lucille Ball and Kate Hepburn in The African Queen. And I don’t think that’s a bad combo at all.

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – INC @ Gwynnie Bee
Shoes – Seychelles
Belt – Marshall’s (sim, sim, sim)

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2 thoughts on “OOTD :: of sunshine and giraffes

  1. Del says:

    that dress doesn’t even look plus size! you look great! 🙂

  2. jenortega says:

    You looked great in this outfit!

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