HGB :: Tovolo tea stick infuser


So who doesn’t enjoy a good cuppa?

I know I’m always down for tea, especially as a late-night snack when I’m feeling peckish yet virtuous, eschewing a chocolate bar for a honey/cream/English breakfast combo.

Ever since I discovered Harney & Sons (another HGB post in the making), I’ve become an aficionado of loose tea leaves. And if you’re gonna be an avid consumer of tea leaves, you’re gonna need the proper paraphernalia.

That said, I cannot praise the Tovolo tea stick infuser enough. I received mine as a birthday present from the in-laws several years ago. And to be honest, when I opened the gift bag then, I was a bit underwhelmed.

But as with all things holy grail, this little tea stirrer gradually became an item that I can never imagine living without.


It holds the perfect amount of tea leaves in the acorn-shaped receptacle. (I like my tea strong, though, so beware of filling it completely if you purchase this).

Also, the acorn twists securely to the stick; I have yet to experience floating tea leaves in any cup I’ve brewed.

It comes with a nifty stand. The color (clearly, I got purple) is super sophisticated and fun at the same time.

But the best part of this kitchen doo-dad is, of course, the built-in stirrer. It allows me to infuse the tea and incorporate the cream and honey in the mug all at the same time.

I always feel a proper Brit every time I fix myself a cup, and the Tovolo tea stick infuser is the Watson to my Sherlock. Pip, pip indeed!

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2 thoughts on “HGB :: Tovolo tea stick infuser

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  2. Ernie says:

    You’re welcome!

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