OOTD :: of prints, prettiness, and easy Mondays

september 16

september 16

september 16

september 16

Always be careful what you wish for, eh?

Not that I wished it, but I had mentioned previously how disappointing it was that I only ever liked one out of three of my Gwynnie Bee rentals.

Well, look who’s talking now…

In my latest shipment, all three of my dresses fit. What’s even worse, I love all three. Why is that bad? Because GB allows you to purchase items at a discount and I’m this close to convincing myself that I need to buy all three.

My justification? I don’t own any swirly dresses. Yep, I did a quick inventory of my closet because I needed two more dresses to round out this week’s theme and I discovered that most of my frocks are either sheaths or shifts. Barely a full skirt in sight.

In fact, it was such slim pickings in my closet, I almost gave up on having a theme this week, but I managed to unearth two, so I can go ahead and call it Pretty in Print week. The “pretty” will be the full skirted-ness and the “print” will be, well – prints.

Today is one of the GB items, a fabulously floaty concoction that combines three of my favorite things: TARDIS blue, chartreuse, and a round halter neck. It’s such an amazing piece that it really needs little in the way of embellishment. So I just threw on a pair of coordinating heels and called it done.

Gods, I love easy Mondays!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Coldwater Creek @ Gwynnie Bee
Cardi – F21 (similar)
Heels – Qupid


13 thoughts on “OOTD :: of prints, prettiness, and easy Mondays

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  5. cute dress! I think you would look so great with a bob haircut…with curls….seriously. Not to say you don’t already look fab, it’s just the photo with the necklinw showing mmade me think that 😉
    Officially following you!

  6. Beautiful and when you twirled in it this morning, I wanted to yank off you and keep it for myself, weird, I know. The colors were just so cute and the heels made me want to also steal them from you. Thankfully, I can resist temptation. For the most part. Also, did that lipstick stay on all day or did you have to apply it once more?
    Outfit Rating: 10 out of 10.
    Question for this post: Invincible lipstick or not?

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