OOTD :: of black and Back to School

september 19

september 19

september 19

september 19

september 19

Perhaps I haven’t mentioned that this week is Spirit Week at my school.

And because I currently heart my juniors right now, I SO wanted to participate, but somehow the information never got to me last week which meant I’d planned this week with Pretty in Print in mind, and you all know how OCD I am, so even when I found out it was Spirit Week, I didn’t want to deviate from my plan.

Lucky for me, today is Class Colors Day. And since my juniors have black as their class color, my pre-planned outfit dovetails quite nicely.

Unlucky for me, tonight is Back to School, so I had to switch up the footwear in order to last till 9pm tonight.

Initially, I’d planned for pumps, because nothing screams “pretty” like a swingy dress and pumps. And I still intend to wear it for the three hours later on when the parents come. But to save my tootsies, I’m gonna rock these boots. At least the weather is cooperating – we’re experiencing mid-80 temps right now –  and I don’t look like a total tool wearing knee-high leather.

The dress was an impulse buy from Dorothy Perkins before I realized they charged an exorbitant amount for returns to the UK so I kept it even though it’s a bit loose. Even the boning along the darts don’t do much for my figure which prevented me from wearing it as is. I thought it was cull pile-bound but…

Pattern mixing to the rescue!

Stripes and florals are always a winning combo, right? Here’s hoping the parents appreciate a bit of sartorial boldness instead of thinking I got dressed in the dark.

P.S. Because KS#1 mentioned my lack of purse as accessory, I give you Phillip Lim’s sold out mini satchel, courtesy of KS#1 and early-bird East Coast shopping. Thank you, sistah!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – Dorothy Perkins (sim, sim, sim)
Blazer – F21 (similar)
Boots – Cathy Jean
Pumps – Madden Girl (similar)
Necklace – F21

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4 thoughts on “OOTD :: of black and Back to School

  1. […] Just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean it’s all neutral! Keep warm while standing out by pairing an outfit of neutral colors with a huge pop of color like this jacket. For maximum impact, a black and white ensemble would work best with something this bright. If they’re allowed in your school’s dress code, a nice pair of riding boots or something similarly high-topped adds a touch of edge to the fun and brightness.image source: myclosetcatalogue.com […]

  2. Del says:

    Super cute!!!! Love it with your heels and new purse!! Did you not like the shoulder strap that came along with it? The purse is so versatile, right??

  3. Elba Alonso de Ortega says:

    Ok, this outfit makes me smile from ear to ear. Love it!

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