HGB :: Urban Decay Revolution/Glide-On lippy products

After test driving the new Revolution lipsticks and Glide-on lip pencils from Urban Decay, I’ve decided that this is one instance where quality is worth the price.

I swear, my friends, these lippies last on my smackers all day. And that’s saying something since, as a teacher, I’m talking nonstop and therefore wearing down the color with little time to reapply.

Not only did the color stay put with minimal fading and feathering, it also managed to fight the good fight and leave some stain on my lips after lunch!


Check out the selfie I took in the middle of staff meeting. And check out the lips! That’s on a Friday at 2pm, my friends! (I’ve got on Venom lipstick and am an NC40 if that interests you.)

So even though the lipsticks cost $22 and the liners are $19, I think they’re well worth it. Here are the colors I’d been eyeing and swatching and ended up buying since I returned all but two items from my Phillip Lim haul.

  1. Shame  – been wanting this since Boston but no one had it in stock; bought this in a lipstick
  2. Catfight – a lovely deep fuchsia for when I’m feeling particularly girly
  3. F-Bomb – every girl needs a good red and I think this one’s mine; bought the lipstick
  4. Turn On – got this in a lipliner; looks a lot more sedate on my lips than the link shows since I’m darker
  5. Rush – got this in a lipliner; it’s a good neutral for everyday wear

I’ve been ranting and raving about these products so much, I even got low maintenance BFF to not only invest in a neutral lipstick from the line, but to seriously consider buying more in pops of color.

I really do believe this should be a go-to item in any teacher’s make-up kit, or in anyone else’s kit, for that matter, if she works in a profession that involved a lot of talking. Or eating.

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3 thoughts on “HGB :: Urban Decay Revolution/Glide-On lippy products

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  3. jenortega says:

    Still loving my lipstick. Feel like any other lipstick isn’t even worth putting on : )

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